#maybeLDNer – 27/06/14


Posted 27/06/14
By Koray Hussein

Wow. Last weeks #maybeLDNer had some amazing photos submitted and that was with only one days notice. This weeks however everybody had a full week to get their pictures in to us and to say that we are amazed at the sheer quality (you guys are amazing, really) would be an understatement. You’ve made this weeks judging incredibly hard but we’ve genuinely enjoyed looking at each and every picture you guys have tagged with #maybeLDNer. Thank you.

Before we get under way it has to be said that there were some brilliant posts submitted that we couldn’t include as they were posted before last Friday and therefore ineligible. Sorry.

Here are the five pictures we’ve selected to feature this week in no particular order:

1. @oushko


Kicking off this weeks feature is @oushko‘s brilliant shot taken in London’s world famous Shoreditch. It really is difficult to capture great graffiti properly (as I found out on one of my Photo Walks) but @oushko framed this perfectly.

2. @thelostdiary

There are many London based Instagram accounts which post quality images… but there are only a few that only post quality images, @thelostdiary is one of them. You’d be hard pressed to find a bad image on the entire feed and if I were you, I’d expect to see @thelostdiary show up on future #maybeLDNer features.

3. @tortillajo


We here at Maybe It’s Because love this image! This umbrella installation near Borough Market pops up a hell of a lot on Instagram but we love the way @tortillajo captured this and think it definitely deserves to be amongst our five featured images this week.

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4. @ij35


China Town is almost always bustling with tourists, workers and shoppers. This picture by @ij35 has pretty much captured all of that and has also managed to not look too “busy”. It’s a great shot which showcases one of London’s best streets.

5. @elusivm


Rounding up our five for this week is this dramatic shot from @elusivm. Framed perfectly and so cold that it runs a shiver down your spine, this image wouldn’t look too out of place in a sci-fi film. We love it.