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Posted 25/08/14
By Esin Huseyin

Is it possible to become obsessed with a restaurant? I genuinely think it may be considering I’ve had the pleasure of frequenting this place more than 5 times in the space of a few months, this year. Yes – this place has been around for a while.

If you like your food dirty (not literally dirty, but imagine meat drippings) and informal, mixed with loud music and red lights – this is the place for you.

Alright alright, I hold my hands up – I attend burger restaurants a little more than the average person, but how could I not? This unsuspecting restaurant is tucked away behind one of London’s most busy shopping streets; Oxford Street. It’s the perfect place to escape after a long day, as the food is just so hearty, you couldn’t be anything but happy.

Even though this place has been making it’s rounds on the burger circuit for a while now, it still maintains it’s loyal crowds. If you get here at peak hours like 6-8, be prepared to wait in a short queue outside the restaurant (they usually feed you onion rings). I’ve had the absolute pleasure of introducing about 4 people to this place, and oddly always end up sitting on the same bluddy table. So. Weird.

Now this place is all very “hipster”; you walk in to high ceilings, graffiti (which to be honest are more like beautiful murals), blacked out windows and red lights (perfect for that London Brothel feel) – my only annoyance about this place, is that once your eyes have accustomed to the red glare, your attention then turns to the music; at peak times, the music is almost intolerable. Sometimes, I feel like I’m shouting at my company rather than having a quiet chat – maybe leave the personal, or embarrassing stories at home, unless you don’t mind sharing it with the rest of the place.

This food however, let me just cut to the chase and tell you what I normally order: Buffalo Wings w/Blue Cheese Sauce, Bacon Cheeseburger, and cheesy fries. The wings, oh my god, I could literally eat trays of the stuff. They’re beautifully moist and flavoursome on their own, without the sauce, but they’re so beautifully crispy on the outside. The Blue Cheeses Sauce, is strong and bursting with that earthy flavour – but what I love the most is the fact that it’s actually cheese, ain’t nobody got time for the fake stuff – I’m looking at you TGIs ¬_¬

The patties in the burgers are quite thin, but are well seasoned and don’t crumble about everywhere. I always go for a simple bacon cheeseburger, considering the rich starters/sides I have with it. I am never disappointed with the size, and sometimes even wonder how my mouth is going to fit round it, but I’m a trooper and get it done. Incredibly succulent, you can expect to get a little messy with the meat juices – just don’t go here on a date.

The chips are literally the size of a small continent, more than enough for two to share. The cheesy option does also contain onions – just a heads up for those of you that don’t like onions. They’re incredibly moreish, and the cheese has reached that amazing stringy consistency; it’s something you’ll have to try to know what I mean.

All the food, from your whole table, is all served on one large school dinner tray – I feel this makes for a more sociable dining experience, as you all get stuck in at the same time, sharing the starters and maybe (if you’re all nice enough) allowing some bites of your burgers too. It probably helps with the washing up, but I think it gives us all a reason to get the hands involved and focus on nothing but the company and bluddy brilliant food.

Have you been to MEATliquor? What did you think? What’s your favourite thing to order? Let us know in the comments below.


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