Mixology Masterclass at The Fable


Posted 29/10/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London


Last week I attended a mixology masterclass at The Fable in Farringdon. I brought a plus one with me to enjoy an evening filled with cocktails and nibbles from their new menu. The Fable is part of the Drake and Morgan group where I’ve already visit The Refinery and The Happenstance. I was so excited to take part in the mixology masterclass as I have always wanted to learn how to make them so bring it on! I didn’t know that Drake and Morgan group offers mixology masterclasses across their restaurants and a great way to bring a friend, date and something to do with a group. We were in a group of 8 all learning to make our first cocktail of 3, which was Do Bees Have Knees on their indulge section of their cocktail menu – includes Tanqueray gin, Kamm and sons, lavender infused honey and lemon. I was so proud to have created my first cocktail and it tasted delicious! The combination was perfect but then again; anything with gin is a score for me. Bless my friend Olivia; I kept forgetting what went into my drink so she kept a voice recorder and listed everything from shaker to the lavender garnish which I was really impressed by!! Not too long after, we were served with dishes from their starter between each session and first up was the wild mushroom bruschette which is part of their latest all day menu.

We were having such a great time I think the masterclass went a little ahead of schedule and so we got stuck in to making cocktail number 2, which was the Ones Most Delirious Ramble from their inspire list of cocktails that’s innovative and has classic flavours with a spin of the unexpected. I was getting tipsy by this stage and kept losing focus (the host had a watchful eye on us as we were misbehaving slightly :p), but we got there in the end as we mixed Arette tequila, fresh rosemary, blackberry shrub, lime and agave. A few of us added one too many drops of Arette tequila and I feared of getting too drunk on a Wednesday evening so I paced back on my tequila and as expected the host said my drink was rather acidic…but I like acidic 😀 but he eventually balanced my drink perfectly. After a successful second round, we were served up another dish from their starters menu, the chorizo scotch egg with paprika mayonaise. To see some more in the moment pics, check out my foodie instagram over at redvelvetlondon.

Last by not least, the final cocktail for the mixology masterclass was the Sloe Gin Fizz which includes the Gentleman badger sloe, the collector vermouth, blackberry, sage and soda. By this stage I was already tipsy and free pouring got a little naughty, oopsie! The masterclass came to an end and the final dish came out which was the Seabass Ceviche with chilli, orange on coriander. It was a palatable dish and complimented with the Sloe Gin Fizz very well; my favourite dish of the evening. As for the cocktails; my favourite was the lavender infused Do Bees Have Knees; it was just sweet and delectable…just how I like it.

It was a different kind of evening that I am used to which is great because I’ve always wanted to enjoy my evenings by doing something different and fun. A mixology class is a fun and great way to meet a small intimate group of people; totally not awkward at all since you would eventually have one too many to feel shy! Ideal to go with a friend, a date, a partner, friends and colleagues. Thank you again for having me at the mixology masterclass at The Fable!

Hire of the mixology table starts at just £25 per person for one hour. Bookings are for between five to 10 people. For more details; you can find out here. To find out more about The Fable and their mixology classes across their Drake and Morgan group; drop them a call; you can also check their drinks menu here.


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