Posted 08/09/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London














Recently I paid a long overdue visit to Moba aka Modern Bakery on Goodge Street. I first heard of Moba when seeing some cool photo’s on Instagram from my food blogging friends and had to check it out myself. Thankfully my work place is just a short distance walk from Warren Street and headed over during my lunch break with my food eating work colleague. The cafe was packed and I cannot wait to tuck into their French Asian fusion cuisine across their bakeries and Banh Mis. That day, I didn’t have any breakfast so my appetite was through the roof and I am also glad that my friend had quite the appetite too.
For drinks; it was a no brainer that we ordered the Matcha Latte and Vietnamese iced coffee; followed by our Banh Mi’s ( at £5.95 each) to share. What caught our attention was that we could choose our baguettes and fillings separately; the options for the baguettes were: white, sesame, matcha or black (bamboo) baguettes. As you know I love a bit of food photography so we chose the matcha baguette and the black baguette. Next up we could choose from the following fillings:
Beef Brisket – slow coocked brisket in cilantro & ginger for an extra 50p
Shredded Lemongrass Chicken – Lemongrass cilantro-infused chicken
Pulled Pork – slow-cooked 5 spice rub-a-dub pork shoulder
Vegetarian – slow roasted sesame spiced veg

When our tray was delivered; I couldn’t help but pull my camera out to snap the most colourful looking Banh Mi’s aka baguettes; I have never seen a green baguette let a lone a grey/black one. It was a photo envy moment and after taking hundreds of photos later we finally tucked in. The baguette was moist and the pulled pork was juicy and tender with an added crunch from the carrots and cucumbers. This was the most recommended and popular filling and I couldn’t agree more. At £5.95 a baguette I consider this affordable for lunch and to encourage you to try something different everyday than to visit the usual chains of Pret and Eat. It didn’t stop there, oh no we had to try their desserts that caught our eye when we arrived: the matcha brownie. Again, I don’t know why we are so obsessed with green tea/matcha but they never disappoint – be it in beverages, and desserts. The matcha brownie ( at £3.50) portion was quite big so I am glad to have shared it with my friend. The owners joined us for a lovely chat and can I just say; it’s very admirable to find 2 young, driven guys to run their own business, immense passion for food and strong motivation to innovate and succeed. They are incredibly funny and chatty (one of them is French and the other is half Irish half Jordanian) and we enjoyed spending our afternoon chilling with them. My lunch break was definitely over an hour long and yes, I turned up to work rather late! Thanks guys, it was an enjoyable lunch I’ve had in a while and what a lovely surprise to take away fresh croissants for tea later in the afternoon (1 matcha and 1 mango flavoured). Check out their menu for the full range.

“MoBa is a modern bakery and casual dining spot, highlighting the fusion of French and Asian cuisines, cultures and stories.

We bring together West and East, vintage and modern, refined and funky, foreign and familiar. We mix traditional French elegance with Asian simplicity and infuse a buzzing London energy to our boulangerie.”

Where: 53 Goodge Street, London, W1T 1TG
To call (they do deliveries): 020 7436 9493

Opening Times
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: Closed