Music For The Week: Phoria – Display


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Posted 23/06/14
By Esin Huseyin

Welcome to week two of ‘music for the week’ – firstly, let us know how you felt about last weeks choice, and what you decided was your favourite song from the album.

This week we have a band a little closer to home – Phoria; they’re a five piece band based in Brighton and are labelled as the British version of Sigur Ros, or so I’ve heard.

The album, or should I say EP, I’ve chosen for this week is their latest; Display. It’s short and sweet consisting of only four tracks, but boy is it a powerful one. Before I give you my quick breakdown, these lads are more of your post rock/alternative rock sound – but with down to earth airy vocals and simple loops, listen on if you enjoy getting lost in the moment.

  • Emanate: simple layering of ethereal vocals, hand claps and clicks. Beautifully stripped back, allowing you to just enjoy the mellow melody. This song to me suits walking in the sunshine. Absolutely beaut. I love how the song builds up slowly towards an electronic cacophony at the end. Superb.
  • Undone: a bit more of a darker tone to this song, but still using simple loops, airy vocals, and even a cheeky piano. Although they’re categorised as Alternative Rock – I would say this is one of the softest songs I’ve heard. This song is a great example of their blend of iconic vocals, and electronic twists.
  • Atomic: although one of my least favourite on the album, it’s still a serious song to contend with. Hypnotic guitar riffs, subtle synthesisers, and those vocals again. A bit more fast paced – to me it sounds like a mix between Kasabian and God Is An Astronaut.
  • Efforttobreathe: this is my favourite on the album, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. Vocals, organs, drum riffs – it shouldn’t work on a alternative rock level, but it just does. The floaty vocals sweep over the repetitive loops, creating a great juxtaposition. But, when the droning bass comes in…dramatic, it gives the vocals a darker resonance. When the clashing, unbalanced and untuned electronic notes chime in at the end as well – just ridiculously good layering.

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Let me know what you think of this weeks choice. What are your thoughts?