My Village Cafe

My Village

Posted 27/10/14
By Maria Derevianko

I had a busy last week as I have officially become a gym addict. I go pretty much every  day and look forward to going even on Friday evenings when all normal people go out and get drunk, but not me, I went to do a yoga class followed by some weights and then hitting the sack at 10pm. I did manage to catch up with a few friends in between all of those weights, squats and core exercises but I didn’t manage to discover a new place for my next review.

So as a woman who  works wonderfully well under pressure, I hopped on the bus and went down to My Village on my lunch break. As with everything in the Camden area, My Village is very hippy, laid back and full of what I would consider as clutter – but I can’t deny the fact that it also creates character with lots of random photographs, table games and books everywhere, as their ethos is to unplug from the world, unwind & reconnect with yourself and others through sharing tables, playing table games or just becoming present to how fortunate you are to eat this food as so many people in the world go without.

As you walk in you are greeted with classical/Turkish music playing in the background with plenty of energy and enthusiasm oozing from the staff and happy customers. As it was lunch, the cafe was buzzing with families, friends and couples tucking into their healthy, wholesome food and enjoying themselves.

There is plenty of healthy, colourful dishes to choose from depending on what you are fancying; maybe a halloumi wrap or a falafel  meal or maybe even a grandmother’s soup… or how about a Kurdish breakfast?! If you are a vegan/vegetarian, you feel like you are in a candyshop as everything sounds and looks so delicious… and you can have it all, not just those dishes which have the magical V next to their names! They also  make a variety of special hot drinks such as spiced mocha with organic milk and freshly squeezed juices, as well as organic alcoholic beverages.

As I was ordering the falafel meal with a beetroot, orange and ginger juice, the very warm and super friendly owner gave me a sample of his lentil soup as a bribe for me to bring cash next time as they really don’t like card payments there, and if that wasn’t enough he gave me a shot of spiced mocha to sweeten me up and reiterate the fact that I should must bring cash next time! (They do take card payments over £10 but they are very anti-card-payment).

The plate was bursting with colour as well as flavour; with the pleasant tastes running around on your pallet.  The salad which consisted of carrot, black olives, tomatoes, radish, beans, cucumber, peas and corn (which was crunchy and fresh), topped with sauce and complimented by falafel and spinach and potato bites – my taste buds had an early Halloween party with so many textures and flavours all piled onto one fork. Not only was I hungry, it also all tasted good; but I was also conscious of the time, having only an hour for lunch, I polished off the plate and licked my lips in deep satisfaction and contentment. The portions are very generous, enough to fill up any hungry belly, but if you can’t finish your food, please don’t waste it and have it as take away as My Village don’t condone food wastage as much as they don’t like card payments, all for good reasons of course.