Pasta Remoli

Pasta Remoli

Posted 17/02/15
By Maria Derevianko

If you are anything like me, and totally head over heels in love with Italy and Italian food (and maybe men) then you will thank me later for introducing you to this underrated gem that is located inside Stratford’s Westfield. Not quite Italy given the location but when you taste their pasta, your taste buds will take you straight there.

I am speaking about Pasta Remoli, yes that little stall that is so easily overlooked when you are tired and hungry after shopping until you are just about to drop and wanting some good food to refuel the shopping vessel that is you. 

The concept is you can have healthy  and affordable food that is both delicious and freshly handmade, in no time.  All you have to do is choose your pasta, your sauce topped with any garnishes and a drink! Voila!

Me and my friend Jayson went down there on a Tuesday afternoon, and it was already quite packed. We went for a variety of pastas to share with a small bottle of vino for Jayson and water for me.

First we tried the very praised and super recommended aubergine & roasted tomato ravioli with cherry tomato and ricotta sauce sprinkled with a generous amount of parmesan. I usually find very tomatoey things quite acidic for me but this was scrumptious. Let’s face it, tomatoes and aubergine just go together, it is the perfect marriage in many cuisines and it always tastes divine. I loved the aubergines meaty consistency all wrapped up in freshly made pasta which was cooked the way it is suppose to, with a bite to it and not soggy and super soft all, complimented by the tomato sauce, which adds so much flavour and sauciness to the whole dish, I would highly recommend.

The next dish I tried was the truffle & mushroom ravioli with creamy mushroom sauce and parmesan cheese. This was rich and creamy, full of flavour and fragrance as you would expect having both creamy mushroom and truffle and covered in lots of cheese! This is a very filling dish due to the combination of ingredients but has gorgeous earthy flavours from the mushroom with the perfect opponent that is the rich truffle. I would order this again, but on its own.

Third dish we had was the Vegetarian Special which came as chestnut gorgonzola ravioli with salted ricotta. This came in a lighter sauce but was very powerful with full flavours from the salted ricotta, which was too salty for me. Having said that, anybody out there who is a cheese fan would love this dish like Jayson did as he is weak for salty cheeses, unlike me. Not to take away from it, as it was delicious with the undertones of chestnuts coming through and the kick from the salted ricotta which won first place from the cheese fanatic Jayson, so this alone just goes to show how incredible this combination is, just got to be lucky enough for it to be on the specials menu when you go down.

They have a range of gluten free and Vegetarian options as well as lobster pasta which is apparently is to die for and ones they didn’t have it on the specials menu. They had 14 complaints in one day as people specially came down to Westfield to eat there and luckily they are expanding and building a plush restaurant in Finsbury Park so be sure to check them out and feast your pasta buds on their delicious freshly handmade creations that are done right there in front of you, in no time.