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Updated on 12/01/15
By Esin Huseyin

There is of course no way I could have a review of a burger joint on the site, without having tried it for myself.

Last week I got the chance to sample one of these burgers for myself, is it really all it’s cracked up to be…

So seeing as both myself and Koray went to the same location, there’s no need for me to go in to too much detail. The only thing I will say is don’t expect  a long catch up with friends here – you usually have to wait a short while, we luckily only had to wait 20 minutes. It’s pretty small in there and there’s about a handful of tables, which keeps it pretty crowded and loud. As impressive as the music is, it is  very very loud, so expect to be shouting at one another. You do also feel slightly guilty seeing the sea of people waiting outside.

That aside, the service is incredible and super quick. The staff are a friendly bunch and the first thing I noticed was they were all smiling and dancing away to the music – signs of happy staff.

The menu is limited with only 6 burgers to choose from, I decided to go for something different from Koray and opted for the ‘Hot Chic’ chicken burger; marinated buttermilk fried chicken, spicy slaw, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, and garlic aioli in a brioche bun. I followed this up with chips and Rosemary salt.

The presentation was akin to a premium fast food restaurant with burger wrappers and plastic tubs for my chips. The chips were crispy and still had the skin on in some places which I love. However, I did find them a little too salty and towards the end I had a mountain of crispy dead chips. Yeah, that’s what I’ll call them.

On to the burger: the chicken was incredibly tender, and I liked the fact that the bread crumb batter wasn’t entirely covering the chicken. The batter was super crispy, in some places a little too much – it joined the dead chip cemetery at the bottom of my chip pot. I would have loved a little more flavours coming through in the batter. The pickled cucumbers added a nice sweet kick and contrasted with the slightly spicy slaw.

Overall, it was a good burger, but it came alive when you added the chilli sauce – which after about 30 minutes, I realised was literally chilli con carne blended in to sauce form.

Great burger. Great environment. But unfortunately it’s not knocked Honest Burgers or BRGR. Co off of their spots.

Posted 08/09/14
By Koray Hussein

Yes, I know… It’s yet another burger review. This time though it wasn’t exactly planned. Before visiting Patty & Bun, I’d arranged to meet up with my cousin for lunch up Central London and we’d decided on another place (which will remain nameless) as I had been wanting to review it and thought I’d kill two birds with one stone.

However, after reading up on the place I’d found out that there weren’t many positive things being said and didn’t want to ruin an entire lunch just to grab a review. I got in touch with my cousin and we decided at the last minute to switch to Patty & Bun… And boy am I glad we did.

We got there at a few minutes past noon (which is when they open) and they were already absolutely packed. We snatched their last two seater table and wedged ourselves in between another couple of guys and an extremely low hanging lamp (I’m practically a smurf at 5”4 and still managed to bang my head on the damn thing twice). This is quite possibly my biggest complaint about Patty & Bun (I say possibly as there’s just one other gripe). The place is just too cramped and it doesn’t seem like whoever planned the layout actually took into consideration that their customers have arms and legs.

I might have been able to overlook this flaw if Patty & Bun had been located on pretty much any other street in the area… But it’s located on James Street… a street which is literally covered in tables and chairs as practically every restaurant except Patty & Bun offer outdoor dining. Very strange.

Anyway enough of that let’s move on to what you really care about… The food.

Patty & Bun

My cousin, Çetin went for their current special: the Hulk Hogan burger, which consisted of two of the juiciest meat patties I have ever seen, cheese and pulled pork and looked absolutely amazing. I on the other hand went for the more traditional Ari Gold with bacon which pretty much has your standard set of ingredients. We both went for the chips with rosemary salt on the site.

Let’s talk about the meat first… So far, whenever I’ve visited a burger joint in or around London, Honest Burgers has been the measuring stick (Lord knows it wasn’t going to be Five Guys or Shake Shack). That all changed when I sunk my teeth in the Ari Gold. The amount of juice and flavour in that burger was astounding and the sheer quality (again like Honest’s) of their ingredients shines right through. They skimped on nothing… except the burger (my other gripe).

Well, when I say ‘skimped’ I don’t mean they used cheap, shitty meat because they definitely did not… But the size of the patty was kind of disappointing. I was halfway through the burger and the last morsel of meat plopped out leaving me holding half an empty bun. I understand they want to keep their burgers nice and thick so that they stay nice and pink on the inside but that shouldn’t mean that I’m going to essentially be eating a meatball in a bun. This is a burger place and I expected the burger to fill the bun… Still, it was bloody incredible while it lasted.

Çetin had no such problem with his burger and that was probably down to the extra patty and the pulled pork. He didn’t have a bad word to say about his burger and I have to say, even though I’m not a fan of pulled pork in the slightest, it did look extremely good.

The rosemary chips on the other hand were… nice. They were cooked just right but was a little too salty and the chips didn’t come close to Honest Burgers.

All things considered if you could take these guys burgers, stretch them out a bit, then serve them with Honest Burgers rosemary chips on the side you would literally have the perfect burger joint. As it stands though, Patty & Bun serve an almost offensively nice burger that needs to be checked out by every meat lover in the city.


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