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Originally Posted 28/03/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London









Usually, the most obvious place to go for Dim Sum is Chinatown so it is refreshing to go somewhere different. Pearl Liang doesn’t open until 12pm so it’s always nice to have a lie in.
I am quite accustomed to ‘DimSumming’ (sorry I like to invent words) and we enjoy ordering the same dishes every time! I would probably say that Dim Sum is pretty much pork oriented so not the best place for veggies and non-pork diners. I’m sure there are vegetarian options but are very limited (no point, don’t go).

Xiao Long Bao (image 2) is a soup based pork dumpling; best to eat it hot but becareful; the soup inside the dumpling can burn your tongue if you’re not careful. My mistake today was biting into the dumpling aggressively which bursted on the other side and soup spraying across the table…oops!
My next favourite dish is Fried Dough Cheung Fun (veggie friendly), I can have a whole for myself! The fried dough is like bread batter and goes perfectly with Congee for brekkie.
I also had the glutinous rice with meat seaweed wrapped in bamboo leaves like a parcel; it is basically sticky rice steamed with Chinese mushrooms and pork chunks. Looks novelty but a must have dish for Dim Sum.

If you ever get bored of Chinatown or that it’s too busy; there are plenty of Dim Sum restaurants around London. Pearl Liang gets really busy so a booking is a must (strolling in doesn’t guarantee you a table). Also, Chinatown ends their Dim Sum menu at 5pm (or is it 5.30pm?!) whereas you can have your late night Dim Sum fix at Pearl Liang.

Pearl Liang is located in: 8 Sheldon Square, Paddington Central, London W2 6EZ
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