Pepper Saint Ontiod

Pepper Saint Ontiod, roast, london

Posted 09/09/16
By Maggie Majstrova

Overlooking the Inner Millwall Dock, Pepper Saint Ontiod is a pub that I’ve been walking past since I moved to Lewisham, on my way into Canary Wharf. Right on the waterfront in Isle of Dogs, although it is a ‘hidden gem’ for the general London public, it seems to be the ‘it spot’ for the local community. Especially in the summer, with its outside seating practically taking names for a waiting list.

Ok, I exaggerate, but what I mean is, it’s never been easy to get a spot in this busy pub before, until last weekend, when we managed to be passing by admittedly a little early in the Sunday (at least for the layperson, but it’s always happy hour somewhere, right?).

We were extremely lucky that most of the benches outside were still free, but beautifully coated with Sunday’s sunshine, offering a great view of the Dock and its sailboats.

Now most of you already know I’m partial to a good Sunday Roast and seeing as our usual Canary Wharf pub is currently closed for refurbishment, I’ve had a particular craving for it for literally weeks. Literally.

That being said, we did briefly consider the rest of the pub’s menu, including the Minute Steak Sandwich and the Lamb Burger with Hand Cut Chips. The Fish and Chips was definitely a popular choice and I may need to repeat visit for it, because it did smell divine. But, nothing for it, it had to be the Roast.

We decided on the Chicken and the Herefordshire Beef (£13 each), though there was also a pork loin option. Both roasts came served with roast potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas, Yorkshire Pudding and gravy.

Pepper Saint Ontiod, roast, london

And this is where my review is going to get a little short. Basically, it was perfect. The roasties were crunchy on the outside but fluffy on the inside, the meat was melt in the mouth, the veg al dente, the Yorkshire pudding wonderful and the gravy to die for.

I have to tell you, this Roast definitely hit the spot and I now have a VERY strong contender for a replacement go-to Sunday Roast spot.

Pepper Saint Ontiod, roast, london