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Posted 30/03/15
By Esin Huseyin

I had the chance to visit this place last week with some of my family to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Pescatori is well known for it’s seafood dishes, so it’s no surprise that I haven’t been before. However, they do offer some meat and pasta dishes – not many, but enough.

This particular restaurant takes over 2 shop fronts, and although it’s packed with a high number of tables and chairs, it doesn’t feel packed.

What did confuse me was the sheer range in interiors; rustic boats and signs which nodded back at their “fishing” roots and age. But amongst this was silver branches with lights entwined – it did look a little like Christmas decorations.

When I did arrive, I arrived about 10 minutes early with half the party. We were asked to wait at the bar – which is covered in spirit bottles. We were left unattended for a while and weren’t sure if we’re meant to drink any of these etc. If drinks came from the bar round the corner, I don’t know why this little table also had drinks on it?

Waiting at the bar table was great because you could watch the kitchen playing all the dishes – it was decided, I would go for the rib-eye steak.

What I went for:
-Affettato Misto (salame feliner Parma ham, coppa stagionata, marinated artichokes & peppers, bufala mozzarella, olive di nocellara and bubble bread)

– Agnello (roast rack of Cumbrian lamb, pistachio crust, mixed roots and pan juices)

– Fondante al cioccolato (dark chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream)

The starter was to share, and was a generous portion. I believe 3 people could have easily have eaten from this antipasti board! Everything was fresh and incredible in flavour, other than the bubble bread – it confused me. It just tasted stale!

The lamb chops were AMAZING, beautifully tender with no fat whatsoever. They were cooked to medium perfection, and we’re beautifully complimented by the root vegetables. I thought the beetroot would be overpowering but it wasn’t at all. The pistachio crust was left in thick pieces, which added the necessary crunch to the dish.

Although the chops were great, I initially wanted the rib-eye steak which they had run out of.

Although I’m not a huge fan of dark chocolate, the fondant wasn’t hugely overpowering. The doughy exterior was beautifully soft whilst the molten centre was just thick enough. Wasn’t a fan of the green tea ice cream at all, but the fondant was heaven.

The service was okay, they definitely could have been more attentive. Not to mention we had previously arranged for the kitchen to write “happy birthday” on my sisters desert – which didn’t happen. For the prices they charge, and the inevitable high service charge – it didn’t really add up to me.

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