Photo Walk: Highgate East Cemetery

Highgate Cemetery

Posted 16/07/14
By Koray Hussein

As I sat down to kick off our tour of London’s seven most famous and peaceful cemeteries, collectively known as The Magnificent Seven, I kept wondering how I would post each of them.

Would I just do a Parks, Gardens & Cemeteries post like we did with St Dunstan-in-the-East and Postman’s Park or would I do a Photo Walk post like with Brick Lane and Canary Wharf?

I thought about it for a bit and decided that I’d just go and do both. These places are too interesting to relegate them to a short gallery and too beautiful to not capture in as many pictures as possible.

When I cover each of The Magnificent Seven I’ll put up a Photo Walk post and then the following week I’ll cover the place more thoroughly with a Parks, Gardens & Cemeteries post.

Once I have visited all seven, I’ll then sit down and do a roundup article on everything.

Right! Enough of that. Let’s do this.

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To start off I went with the most famous cemetery of them all: Highgate Cemetery… Well, Highgate East Cemetery:

As gloomy and nasteh as it sounds, I actually really enjoyed my visit to Highgate’s eastern cemetery. I didn’t have to go with a tour (like you do with the West Cemetery) and was able to go at my own pace and shoot what I wanted to shoot.

The entrance fee is £4 for adults and free for children and teenagers under 18.

Here’s the accompanying Parks, Gardens & Cemeteries post for Highgate Cemetery.

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  • Mesmonium

    I initially thought gloomy but it actually looks beautiful… Cemeteries can be really peaceful

    • It’s definitely a strange feeling to be kicking back and relaxing in the middle of a cemetery.