Photo Walk: London Fashion Week 2016

London Fashion Week

Posted 01/03/16
By Koray Hussein & Richard Harris

When London Fashion Week rolled around I wasn’t too sure whether I’d be going down to get some images. Sure, it’s a big event and if perfect for a spot of street portraiture but if you ask anybody who knows me, you’ll know that I care about fashion about as much as I care about the winner of the Super Bowl or Masterchef.

However, after finding out that the one and only Richard Harris was thinking about attending I decided to bite the bullet and jump on the train down to Soho.

Now, here’s when I usually introduce my images but this photo walk is going to be slightly different seeing as these aren’t my images. These are in fact Richard’s shots which I just had to include.


Make sure to check out his Instagram once you’re done and please, please, please, do yourself a favour and head over to to see his incredible images and poetry (this one is probably my favourite).

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