Photo Walk: Maida Vale to Little Venice

Maida Vale to Little Venice

Posted 22/03/16
By Mental Gentle

We had a great time on our most recent photo walk; we started off in Maida Vale, with its imposing houses and pretty tree-lined residential streets, which we happily wandered through to reach Abbey Road and the world-famous studios, complete with graffiti dedications to The Beatles and of course, that zebra crossing!

We then followed the canal to the heart of Little Venice, crossing Edgware Road and popping in to warm up (and have a yummy brunch!) in the lovely Cafe Laville, which sits right across the water, with a wonderful view of all the boats and the hub of canal life.

Little Venice is wonderfully unique part of London and we strolled along the canal path (past a floating puppet theatre!) and on towards Warwick Avenue, stopping off at Clifton Nurseries to admire the spring plants and make friends with the greenhouse cat…

This area of North London is a lot of fun to explore and we have to admit, the magnolia-covered mansions in early spring certainly gave us a health dose of house envy!


  • Jaklien van Melick

    I love this walk and have done so many times myself. 🙂

  • Thanks for commenting Jaklien – it’s a great walk! Now that the sun seems to be peeking it’s head out from behind the clouds, I’m sure Maida Vale will be looking even more beautiful. Don’t forget to share your photos with us, if you ever do take any!