Photo Walk: South Bank

South Bank

Posted 22/09/15
By Mental Gentle

We thought we knew the South Bank, but just as other areas of London keep evolving this treasure holds true to that. The South Bank is meant to be explored on a leisurely day as there is so much see and do. We also recommend exploring a little further away from the bankside of the river – you might just stumble upon a little park you don’t know, a beautiful little road or a quiet place with cafes and galleries. There is tons to discover!

From Hays Galleria to Borough Market and from the Globe Theatre to the South Bank Riviera’s pop up cinema, there is much to do. There are so many restaurants to try, not to mention to the cultural pulls of the National Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, Tate Modern, BFI and South Bank Centre. Wandering around the market stalls you could be anywhere in the world and there is always something going on.

Take a whole day, maybe start at Hays Galleria and wander through all the little alleyways and tunnels, to discover so many joys of modern London. We had so much fun – hope you do too!