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Updated 18/04/16
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London




Roux at The Landau serves gourmet French cuisine in a grand, Victorian hotel’s elegant, circular dining room. I was kindly invited by The Langham hotel to experience their brunch menu so I couldn’t wait to come down and try it all! The dining room oozed British elegance; it was inviting and relaxing to dine with my best buddy over a glass of N.V Lenoble Brut, Cuvée Roux champagne. We had a booth like table which I loved – gave me a little privacy yet I caught myself a few times staring at myself through those mirrored panels whilst chatting with my friend (he knew I was distracted when my eyes kept shifting every 5 minutes). Brunch is served between 12.30pm to 3pm and it was nice to sit in during the quieter period at 12.20pm over the weekend. For starters we ordered the Forman’s smoked salmon, buttermilk crackers with crème fraîche for my friend and crisp blue prawns, Hass avocado with spiced Bloody Mary dressing for myself. As my friend is allergic to prawns, I was able to enjoy my 3 large prawns all to myself – it was light and crunchy from the crisp blue prawns and the portion size was perfect. I am usually not a big fan of smoked salmon and when I decided to take a small slice with a spread of crème fraîche and a squeeze of lemon juice, I WANTED MORE! It was so delicious the waiter saw how much I was salivating and served me a sample portion to satisfy my jealousy over my friend’s starter!



Before my arrival, I already set my mind to order their Beef Wellington and what better way to get the first, fresh off the oven slice of Beef Wellington served with creamed spinach and mousseline potatoes. There are no words to explain how delicious and succulent the beef was but I did surprise myself as to how filling the portion was and I started to struggle towards the end (again, it was my friend’s turn to dive into my plate to finish it off despite ordering the same dish as me). The Beef Wellington was a hit for all the diners as I watched it disappear slice by slice within 45 minutes of service (not to worry, they had more!)





After a few coffee top-ups we had a nosey around the desserts displayed as centre pieces in the room. I did my usual Instagram stalking to see what people ordered and their thoughts on the desserts and the most popular one seemed to be the toffee popcorn eclair – not only was it an Instagrammable dessert; but that it was also sweet, creamy and guilty to finish off the afternoon. I also chose the bitter chocolate mousse with cocoa nib tuile and salted caramel – it was pure chocolate heaven and the guilty pleasures ended in just 10 minutes!


Roux at The Landau’s menus reflect the Roux trademark style of classically-constructed French dishes, blended with a modern approach. Sunday Brunch by Roux is from 12.30pm – 3pm at £45pp including a glass of N.V Lenoble Brut, Cuvée Roux champagne. Guests will enjoy a 3 course menu with a choice of breakfast specialities and lunch classics with dishes from Aged Beauford omelette, cepe persillade to Beef Wellington carved on the trolley. Thank you Langham Hotel for the complimentary brunch; it’s actually my favourite brunch to date. *All opinions are my own. You can see their full Brunch menu here.


Originally Posted 24/11/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London


Couple of weeks ago I was invited to dine at Roux at The Landau with fellow foodies (thanks Aftab for inviting me along) for lunch. It was a Friday afternoon and I was so glad to have taken the afternoon off from work to come to the Langham Hotel and sample their a la carte menu – a menu designed by father and son Albert and Michel Roux Jnr. This is the first time they’ve collaborated in over 19 years, bringing us the Roux’s culinary expertise to the newly renamed Roux at The Landau (I was so excited I squeeled a bit). We were very honoured to meet Jamie Draper, the head chef at Roux at The Landau where he has brought a wealth of experience to the restaurant and satisfying feed babies that afternoon!
The Langham Hotel is the largest hotel in London that was opened in 1865 by HRH Prince of Wales (later became King Edward VII), a favoured spot with members of the royal family, politicians and high profile guests.
Upon arrival (and slightly’s all Aftab’s fault) we were welcomed and directed to our reserved table with fellow bloggers (Mehreen, Lauren, Sheepa) and lovely Aysem (from The Langham Hotel). I haven’t eaten all day (actually, that’s a lie, I had a whole mozarella cheese by itself…another story another day) so my appetite was pretty big and reserved for this lunch! For starters I was torn between the Crisp Blue Prawns or the Seared Scallops – I succumbed and ordered the Seared scallops with creamed coco beans and chanterelles (a type of mushroom). The scallops were huge must I say; it was beautifully presented and delectable.
For our main, everyone seemed to have ordered the butter roast sirloin of Scotch beef whilst I decided to go for the roast saddle of Denham estate venison, served with brussel sprouts and chestnuts. I had my venison cooked medium rare – it was perfection! The others glanced at my plate and seemed like they preferred what I had (hehehe) and so they should have, it was succulent and tasted like Christmas in the mouth (reference to the chestnuts).
We were pretty stuffed but as foodie bloggers; we always have a side stomach for desserts (I am working on my side stomach, I get so full so quickly). Again I was torn by their dessert menu; I was going to order the Pistachio and lemon roulade but I quickly changed my mind at the last minute and went for the Toffee apple soufflé with gingerbread ice cream – I was so glad I changed my mind because that soufflé blew my mind! It was so fluffy…fluffy and fluffy!! I think this is the best soufflé I’ve ever had (I hope the girls agree with me here) and I hope my pictures below speaks a thousand words for me right now!
Aysem wanted to show us around and I felt so lucky to have the tour because I love general interior, architecture and the history/heritage that go with it. We had a quick peak at the private dining space; draped with beautiful curtains and Victorian-inspired furniture. We then squeezed our way into the lift (we should have taken the stairs) to take a further sneak peek into The Langham Club (The film Burnt featuring Bradley Cooper was also filmed at The Langham Hotel) – a private sanctuary that is set to redefine the club concept with the ultimate in exclusivity, modern conveniences, attentive service with complimentary services. I loved my tour and wished I could take a quick peak in their luxury suites (one day, one day) but nonetheless, what a fab lunch! Thank you Aftab for inviting me and Aysem for being a wonderful host. I learnt so much about the Hotel and I cannot wait to come back and dine at the Palm Court!! To learn more about their menu, you can find it here.

Location: Roux at The Landau – The Langham Hotel, 1c Portland Place, London, W1B 1JA
To call for more details and reservation: 020 7636 1000

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