Screen on the Green

Screen on the green

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Posted 29/01/15
By Esin Huseyin

The second thing I love, first being food, is being super comfy. Having heard a lot about this place, I wanted to park my bottom on those seats myself.

So I stepped away from the food and decided on a night of cinematic adventure at Screen on the Green.

Loved and well known by many, I hate to say that it was my first time stepping foot and parking my bottom in this cinema. I was enticed by the slightly more “luxurious” experience that’s received.

You walk in through the door to be greeted by a tiny reception area with a till, it’s small enough to rival any public loo. But, I love it. I was greeted by a super friendly host who even gave me tips on which seats would be the best. And so it began, that special personal feeling.

After you have purchased your tickets, if the screen hasn’t opened, you can wait in the reception. It’s got a couple of tables and chairs thrown in, all mismatched, but it just seems to work.

So far the Screen on the Green has an air of scandi-chic with a sprinkling of the London hipster scene. It feels like an independent cinema but obviously belongs to a chain – but so far so good.

Once the screen is opened you can make your way to the bar, yes bar, and take your seats. As you walk in there are high bar tables and booths on your lefthand side, and a full sized bar. Looking at the menu this served everything from alcoholic drinks to standard snacks like popcorn, and even pizza – it took everything in me not to order that pizza.

Looking towards the seating the premium seats were at the back and sides, and the standard were in front of these. The premium seats comprised of two seater sofas with footrests and tables, and the standard seats were plush classic fold-down seats with tables.

Either way, looking at those empty tables makes you feel awfully guilty; to the bar. I opted for an Earl Grey tea and a small popcorn, which was delivered to my seat by a very friendly host.

Seriously, the staff in this place are amazing.

Waiting for the film to start I sank myself in to the sofa and sipped on my hot tea, amazing. Even my 5ft 2 frame managed to rest on the foot stool – the dream was set.

The screen was a dreamy Art Deco building, the screen was on a stage and hidden behind a red curtain; I half expected to clap at the end of the film.

A premier ticket was £16 and popcorn was £3, for the service and atmosphere and surroundings that’s an absolute bargain. Don’t think my local chain is going to cut it anymore.

Have you been before, what was your experience?