Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Updated 21/08/14
By Koray Hussein

So Esin has already taken a run at Shake Shack and from what she’s said (as well as others) they serve up a pretty nice, albeit small burger… I figured it wouldn’t hurt to find out so I went to give them a try myself.

Like Esin, I went for the Smoke Shack, because if you’re going to compare opinions, you might as well do it properly… Though I didn’t go for the cheesy fries and instead went for plain crinkle cuts.

I’ll be completely honest and put my crinkle cut prejudices aside (just cut them normally dammit!) and try to judge them fairly.

First things first, I was more than impressed with the portion, struggling to finish what was put in front of me. They had a rather nice crunch to them too, which took me by surprise. Most of the time when you’re served crinkle cut fries, you have to settle for fat and soggy, but Shack Shake must have purposely cut theirs so that they have a good bite to them.

Moving on to the burger I was more than impressed. I also went for the single patty option and, like Esin, thought that I should have been getting more bang for my buck. I’m grateful for the single patty option but if you’re going to offer up single patty burgers, don’t do it half heartedly and make your customers wish they had gone for the double.

All things considered if I’m comparing Shake Shack to Five Guys then I’d go with the Shack. Their fries are miles better than those soggy, peanut flavoured potato… things that they serve at Five Guys. The burgers on the other hand I might actually lean towards Five Guys, purely because you get to choose exactly what you want in the bun.

The burgers are close, the fries are not. That’s why I’m giving it to Shake Shack.

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Originally Posted 24/07/14
By Esin Huseyin

You might be thinking to yourselves; “does she eat anything other than burgers?” The answer is of course, yes, but i choose to eat mainly burgers – they’ve got your carbs, protein, and vegetable intake all in one sizeable meal.

So of course the #burgertour continues and we decided to pop our little heads and large appetites in to the Covent Garden branch of Shake Shack.

Shake Shack is essentially Mcdonalds/Burger King in a prom dress; not because of the quality of the food, but because of the service. You’re given a laminated menu, queue in this tiny room, place your order, and then you’re given a buzzer and asked to wait until…well…it buzzes. There was no character, or much of a personal feel that you would get at a restaurant, just a fast service.

I ordered the SmokeShack (Cheeseburger topped with British free range Wiltshire cured bacon, chopped cherry pepper and ShakeSauce) as well as the cheese fries; I was a bit hesitant about the crinkle cut chips, because I always feel that they’re super soggy, and that is just nastaay. But, one thing I will tell you is that these chips… oh my… a crispy exterior with an incredibly soft centre. Absolute perfection.

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Now, the cheese on these chips deserves it’s own paragraph. I don’t know whether it was cheese sauce, American cheese,or some sort of cornflour concoction – but, I don’t know how I feel about the cheese, as it genuinely didn’t taste of anything. Absolutely, nothing. I might as well have eaten the carboard along with the chips. Next time I’ll most definitely be  getting the plain fries – lesson learnt.

Now on to the main thing, the burger, I genuinely found the portion size rather small (truth be told, I felt like a giant handling a child’s burger) but I did purchase the single – you can opt for a double if you want. The beef patty isn’t your usual uniformed circular shape, but I quite liked that, it felt more fresh and handmade, not as processed as other fast food joints.

The patty itself was moist (God, I hate that word), but I felt in comparison to some of the burgers I’ve tasted, it did lack seasoning. However, the cherry peppers gave it that beautiful amount of spice and crunch that it craved. I like the idea that this company has come across the pond to grace us with their culinary delights, and has actually adopted things like Wiltshire cured bacon as part of their menu; it makes for a great talking point, and in today’s market where everyone wants to know where things are sourced, it’s great to highlight local ingredients.

You’ll often find people queuing, or going out of their way to park their bottoms over at Shake Shack. But, I feel that whilst this brand attempts fast and tasty finger food through their own personality and ethos, they’re not as individual as they think – the ShackSauce was essentially just burger sauce.

My negative comments aside, it was fairly reasonable in price (about £12ish), and the food was pretty tasty – it just wasn’t the best I’ve ever had.

Do you know anywhere that can knock Honest Burgers off the top spot? Have you been to Shake Shack? Let us know in the comments below, or through our twitter; @maybeldner

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  • Lucy

    honest is by far the best however patty and bun also do a pretty good burger!

    • I am still in absolute love with Honest Burger, nothing has quite matched it yet. Patty and bun definitely has to be on our list to check out next, watch this space as a review will be coming soon!

  • Esin Huseyin

    Honest Burger still holds the key to my heart, and I haven’t found anything that has even come near. But, I’ve never tried patty and bun, so that’s definitely on the list.

  • LilyLipstick

    I felt greedy thinking it but I agree that the burgers at Shake Shack are quite small!

    • Esin Huseyin

      I’m glad it’s not just me that thought this, ah well – it’s an excuse to buy 2 burgers, right?

  • Alexandra

    ha haa loved the crinkle fries comment! I’m not a fan either but these aren’t bad–especially dabbed in a bit of mayo. Presto!

  • Katie Van de Weghe

    As we were visiting London with our kids, we had our share of burgers as well last week. We went to the Shake Shack too and despite the fact the burgers were very fresh and the fries tasted really nice, I was shocked by the amount of grease and moisture that came out of the burger and really messed up the bun. I made me stop eating my burger somewhere just past halfway. The chicken-brie-cranberry burger I had in GBK was WAY better!