Soho Bikes

Soho Bikes

Updated 18/08/14
By Koray Hussein

Just a short one today.

Since my last write up on Soho Bikes (read below) I’ve actually visited the establishment two more times. The first one being a quick journey through Soho for another review, where I got one of the (this isn’t hyperbole) most incredible espresso’s I’ve ever had.

I got it to go and seeing as I was in a rush, was actually a street or two away from the place when I took my first sip… and it almost stopped me dead in my tracks. Instead I went for the ‘crazy man staring at his cup with the “What are you?” expression plastered on his face’ look. It was that good.

The second time I popped in was completely unplanned and was the result of a sudden burst of extremely heavy rain. I’d just managed to get in and seeing as I was now trapped I figured I’d make the most of it and order a latte… and a cake.

I’ve covered the latte’s at Soho Bikes before (again read below) but this was the first time I’d tried any of their cakes, brownies or cookies. I went for the honey, banana and I think pecan cake which looked delicious.

As I stated in my review of Whitechapel’s Rinkoff Bakery, I haven’t got much of a sweet tooth and I kind of struggle with anything overly sugary but I had no problem whatsoever appreciating this guy. The top was perfectly crunchy whilst the inside was the good kind of (apologising for the choice of word in advance) moist (Good kind: almost juicy. Bad kind: sticks to the roof of your mouth like an unholy mixture of kitchen towels and cement).

Have my two latest visits changed my opinion on Soho Bikes? Kind of.

I really enjoyed the place the first time I went but now that I’ve tried a couple of different menu items I’d have to say that this place now rivals Daisy Green as my favourite coffee spot.


Posted 21/07/14
By Koray Hussein

If there’s one kind of shop that London isn’t exactly short on, it’s coffee shops. They seem to be popping up in every nook and cranny of the city and it doesn’t look like the trend is going to slow down any time soon.

Thankfully though one of London’s newest coffee holes, Soho bikes (which, to the surprise of exactly no one, also dabbles in selling and repairing bikes) isn’t just your throw away coffee spot. I’m still trying to figure out where the connection between coffee and bicycles came from. Is it a hipster thing? Are we going to be seeing tea and rollerblading shops soon? Or maybe hot chocolate and skateboarding? (FYI I have just patented both those ideas because they are GOLD!)

Soho Bikes is super new, having only opened it’s doors a little over a month ago so the “if it’s empty, it’s shit” rule doesn’t really apply here as it’s still trying to find it’s fanbase… Which shouldn’t take too long as they do serve a proper nice glass of coffee. Yes, glass. No, not a glass cup. It’s a glass. Luckily, Soho Bikes, hasn’t taken the road that so many coffee shops have gone down and dared themselves to serve up brown lava to see how meltable their customer’s faces are. Not to say their coffee is cold or lukewarm, but if you’re one of those people that prefers piping hot coffee a.k.a “It burnth! My mouth burnth tho mutth!” coffee, you might want to mention it to the barista.

Who, by the way, was a fellow beard wearer not to mention super friendly. Even one of the owner’s, who at some shops tend to not like mixing with the customers, was also present, talkative and more than happy to tell me about the place.That may just be down to the fact that it’s a new establishment and the staff haven’t developed that all encompassing hate that some people in the food industry have, but I doubt it. They’re cool people.

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It’s a nice laid back atmosphere with a large wooden bench at the front and the bike workshop at the back. There’s a downstairs too but that’s pretty much solely for the workshop as it appears to be an underground showroom. Still who wants to sit downstairs where you can’t enjoy London’s glorious summer?


Anyway, back to the coffee. I’m not exactly a fan of latte’s or cappucino’s (which to the best of my knowledge are basically latte’s minus the liquid) and generally like to test the quality of a coffee shop’s coffee by ordering an espresso but seeing as this visit was for a review and lattes are the most commonly ordered drink, I plumped for a latte.

Like I said before, it wasn’t super hot so picking up the glass wasn’t a problem. Neither was the quality of the coffee seeing as it was lurvely. Lattes can tend to taste a little weak but these guys must not be afraid of adding coffee like some places and that gave it a nice rich flavour.

There were also some pastries, brownies and cookies on offer but I just settled for a coffee. Something I regret after having a look at the pictures I took when back home.


Would I recommend Soho Bikes? You’re damn straight I would. The coffee was top notch and the staff were friendly. The fact that I have the balance of a peg legged chicken kind of writes off the “bikes” aspect of the shop but hey, if you like coffee AND bikes then you have no reason to not check these guys out.

Have you already popped down to Soho Bikes? If so what did you think? Let us know down in the comments section or tweet us at @maybeldner.