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Posted 29/09/14
By Esin Huseyin

Now today (yesterday if you’re reading on the 29th) was a pretty bad day for myself, and what better way to cheer myself up than with as many carbs as I could muster – in the form of pizza.

Soho has become one of my most favourite places to hang out in, as there’s so many different things to do – including this amazing place.

I actually first came here on a date, and have been back several times since. I finally decided to give these guys the web attention that they so truly deserve; great service, atmosphere, and food are some of the main things at this place.

Now, when I first went to Soho Joe, they had these plastic sheets over the door; pretty much like the entrance to a Butcher’s freezer, or something – considering the first time I went was for a date, I genuinely thought I was going in to some weird sex dungeon. But, this evening there was no flaps, which I kind of felt a little gutted about – odd…

Due to the beautiful autumn evening we were having, there were a few couples eating outside on the pavement, but we ventured inside; the place was completely decked out with twinkling candles, and rustic looking tables and chairs – none of which matched, which I absolutely loved. There were tables for 2, large tables for 6 people, and even huge breakfast bars that pretty much covered the whole length of the restaurant. Now, considering this place is open from early morning until late at night, I can imagine these breakfast bars are handy for…well breakfast meetings.

So we sat down in a cosy little nook of the restaurant, where the walls were decorated with corrugated iron, and witnessed the restaurant fill up piece by piece – actually, the later it got to (about 9ish) the restaurant was pretty much hitting peak. I guess it’s in the perfect location for a late night snack after the theatre, or shopping. The speakers had some form of instrumental samba influenced by jazz – only way I can describe it.

So, the menu is only one side of an A4 paper, perfect as we all know the troubles of having too much choice. They’re obviously well known for their pizzas – 12 inches of absolute heaven, for only £10. Joe my friend, let’s get acquainted. Me and my friend went for the Napoli (Chicken breast, roasted red peppers, tomato and basil sauce and Italian mozzarella). Lets just take a dramatic pause for how beautiful that sounds…


Okay, so let me just put it out there, the last couple of times I’ve been I’ve never finished one myself, so we opted to share this one. The dough was incredible – thin and crispy, yet beautiful soft and doughy, super fresh and just delicious. They are incredibly generous with their toppings, and I had at least 2/3 large pieces of chicken on each slice. I decided to drizzle a little chilli oil on it to give it an extra zing this time round, but the red peppers do give a nice little sweet undertone to the pizza.

But, what I love about Soho is the independent feel to most of the businesses here, they feel more personal with a punch of character to them. Soho Joe is full of quirky character, and the staff make you feel so welcome. From the offset you’re greeted at the door with a smile, super amazing table service, just seems genuine. Bravo.

I think next time I go it’ll be in the morning/afternoon to try out their breakfast/lunch – stay tuned for an update.

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Have any of you guys been to Soho Joe? What’s your favourite thing to order? Let us know in the comments below.