The 5 Most Expensive & Desirable Postcodes In London (2016)

Holland Park Mews

Posted 08/02/16
By Koray Hussein

Ever sat back and thought about which area you would like to live in if you didn’t have to worry about a little thing called money?

I bet at least a couple of these places crossed your mind.


5. W1 – West End

Let me start off by saying one thing: Get used to seeing a ‘W’ in these postcodes!

Is there any surprise that a postcode that contains Regent St, Oxford St and New Bond St shows up on a list of the 5 most desirable and expensive postcodes? I didn’t think so either. If those addresses didn’t make this postcode desirable enough for you then the next time you hear somebody say they’re “heading into London”, remind yourself that they’re probably talking about somewhere in W1.

Average Property Value: £1,850,440

W1 obviously doesn’t show up in Google Maps so I went with W1B because… why not?



4. W11 – Notting Hill

Yes, the area made famous around the world because of a Hugh Grant rom-com comes in at 4 which kind of surprised me. I was expecting Notting Hill to at least be in the top 3 (It has some of London’s prettiest streets after all!) but I guess after seeing the actual top 3, I can understand.

Average Property Value: £2,018,962



3. SW3 – Chelsea

Yes, London’s second most successful football club is located in London’s third most expensive area. Home to London’s gorgeous King’s Road, Chelsea was always going to be right up there when it came to oolaala-locations to live in.

Average Property Value: £2,352,077


2. SW7 – Knightsbridge

What;s that SW3? King’s Road? That’s cute… Come back to me when you’ve got world famous places like the National History Museum, The Science Museum, The V&A Museum (a lot of museums), the Royal Albert Hall and one of the best kebab shops in all of London in your borders.

Yeah… That’s what I thought.

Average Property Value: £2,389,512


1. W8 – Kensington

As nice as the other areas in this list are… was there really any doubt that Kensington’s W8 wasn’t going to take the top spot?

It’s the go-to area when talking about luxurious places to live and with the average property being over £2.8 million, you can see why.

Average Property Value: £2,814,580

The average property value was based on the current estimates on Zoopla.

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