The Alchemist


Updated 04/04/16
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London

mashed-avocados-and-peas-with-nacho-dips-starters-at-the-alchemist-london-bevis-marksThe Alchemist has a new lunch menu and I was excited to be invited back to try their food as I’ve always been a huge fan of their show stopping cocktails. I came with my gal pal Alice from Form 42 as it’s her first time at this chilled, laid back bar and restaurant located in the heart of Liverpool Street. To kick off, we ordered some drinks and nibbles from the starter menu with truffle and parmesan popcorn to share. We ordered the avocado and pea salad served with tomato and chilli salsa with warm nachos to share. I enjoyed the combo of peas and avocado – my two favourite greens mashed as one was a win for me. This was the perfect dish to share over girly chats, about life, goals and more gossip!

I couldn’t wait to get stuck in with our main as the starters had worked up my appetite for more! I ordered the beef fillet Japanese ramen with spiced broth, noodles and Oriental vegetables followed with sweet potato fries on the side. Alice went for a meaty burger – 100% prime aged beef with blue cheese house burger served with tomato salsa and a side order of thin cut fries.
beef-ramen-at-the-alchemistNow you can see why I was so excited to try the beef fillet ramen as it was a show stopping main that served the warm broth with dried ice over noodles. I believe that we eat with our eyes before we actually tuck in so my eyes were already enjoying the meal (as my tummy grumbled away and waited until I finished taking photos). My dish was delicious with generous amount of beef fillet chunks; the broth was packed full of flavour and not too over-powering. It was the perfect social meal to catch up with my gal pal and would love to come back and try more of their menu. They offer a wide range from from gourmet sandwichs & burgers, classic Japanese dishes, wraps and premium steaks. I’m glad they finally serve sweet potato fries as it was a daily incoming request. If only they had courgette fries too!! Our stomachs were so satisfyingly full I couldn’t eat any more to try their mouth watering desserts and their Belgian waffles and salted caramel cheesecake sounds amazing…these are luring me back already.

“The Alchemist is a glint of gold amongst the charcoal and black suits of the City. Open from 8am Monday to Friday, and 12pm on Saturdays, this City hangout provides the ideal backdrop for first-thing breakfast briefings, laid-back lunches, Saturday brunches, post-work tipples, and late night suppers.”

Intrigued about The Alchemist? Check out my previous reviews of their cocktail extravaganza here where you can feast your eyes on more cocktails over dried ice, fruit fusion in siphons and more. The Alchemist is located at 6 Bevis Marks in Liverpool Street; to enquire you can call them at 0207 283 8800 (closed on Sundays).

*Thanks to Alice for some lovely shots I’ve featured here on this post.


Updated 23/12/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London

This is my second visit to The Alchemist – an alchemy-themed, vintage-modern bar and eatery in Bevis Mark Liverpool Street. First impressions always count and I have loved my first experience so much I was delighted to be invited back again to sample their new seasonal cocktails. I invited Suze from the Luxury Columnist as it was always tricky to catch up during busy events so thankfully this time; we were able to sit down and chat over some cocktails! Thankfully, the bar was quiet (off course it was; we got there at 2.30pm on a Saturday) so I didn’t have to annoy any customers with my massive camera snapping away some of my favourite cocktails of the night. Shane was our host of the night and mixed us The Alchemist favourite to kick things off – the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party cocktail served in a tea cup. This show stopper is a crowd pleaser and all we could say was “wow”, “cooool”, “this is amazing!!” This work of alchemy art requires a Syphon and a mini bunsen burner to infuse fresh fruits with Ketel One, Cointreau, elderflower and gomme (sugar syrup basically). I am going to let the pictures do the talking:
After a mega show stopper, Shane started to mix up one of the new cocktails on the menu called the Drug Rummer! What a name…it sounded..strong haha! Again, more alchemy fun with the blow torch to smoke the sage! Then he added citrus and a coffee vanilla cinnamon syrup with Appletons vx rum – how did it taste? I loved the build up; it was beautifully smoked, I took that first sip –’s definitely not for the faint hearted. My first impression was that it’s a gentleman’s drink – smokey and dark with a Christmassy taste of cinnamon fused with sage in a glass. It’s a drink I know the guys would looove but for me; I like me sweet/fresh kick in a cocktail.
At this point I was starting to feel a bit tipsy and I am sorry; I am an easy light weight but I was enjoying myself so much at 3 in the afternoon! We then moved on to a mysterious concoction of Jamaican and Cuban Rums, Orgeat Syrup and Fresh Lime; he called it Mai Tai Tye Di! Mai Tai has never failed to impress me. I very much preferred this over the Drug Rummer – it’s always refreshing to taste a new spin on the Mai Tai.
Last but not least, I think Shane saved the best for last: the Green Eyed Monster! What was in this cocktail? Bombay Dry Gin (yessss, my love for gin) Briottet lychee and pink grapefruit, with citrus and sugar! I had no patience I asked “why is it called the green eyed monster?? I bet he wanted to say “patience my child..just wait” haha ok he didn’t say that but he did along those lines! The moment he squeezed that pipette..the green eyed monster came alive! As we continued to sip away we could slowly see the green sugary concentrate drop bleed through the gin. Twice at The Alchemist now and it has never failed to wow me. It’s a destination pit stop for me and I want to try every cocktail on their menu! Great company is always a guaranteed great time too so I am glad I managed to catch up with Suze personally and cannot wait to see her again soon. For more details about The Alchemist, you can see their full menu here.



Posted 15/09/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London













the-alchemistI love my Fridays, I relax a little at work and enjoy our ‘4 o’clock is beer o’clock’ motto whilst we count down to the minutes where we finish at 4.30pm. How I don’t miss retail at all where we can spend our Friday evenings in the sun and enjoy a beer or cocktail with your colleagues. Last Friday was an exception, I really wanted to see a really good friend of mine who I used to work with back in my retail days and when she’s not ill, she’s broke so she made herself difficult to meet up with. Thankfully, I managed to lure her out and treated her to some complimentary cocktails at The Alchemist in Liverpool Street. I have always wanted to come here and didn’t have much of an expectation but there was a great ambience here. I believe there were a few stag do’s by the bar so we decided to chill in the restaurant area where I can actually talk and ‘hear’ my friend speak. Their wine and cocktail menu were impressively extensive and as recommended the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was the most popular sharing cocktail and we couldn’t leave without trying.

Part of the molecular madness cocktails, “The Alchemist’s newest creations carefully crafted in our secret laboratory.We use a variety of molecular drinks-making techniques to surprise, baffle and confound your taste buds in a most pleasant manner.”

My friend and I were so excited to see the siphon making an appearance to create our Mad Hatter’s cocktail. In this cocktail there’s: Ketel One, elderflower liqueur, Cointreau, citrus, gomme and water boiled up and infused with a fresh fruit mix in the siphon. Then, after a cloud of frozen ice mists over, it is then served warm and smoking in tea cups! So so cute! Not only did it look awesomely cool and spectacular, it actually tasted delicious. With so much alcohol content in there I was surprised that the cocktail tasted more like fruit water with a hint of alcohol. But I am not complaining because that’s my favourite kind of cocktail, fruity and delicious without the alcohol empowering the drink. The Mad Hatter’s sharing cocktail is £20 on the menu, definitely something you would order for coming to The Alchemist.

I wanted to sample more of the molecular madness so I ordered the intriguing Bubble Bath cocktail (at £7.50): Bombay Dry, Chambord, Aperol, apple juice and a dash of sugar syrup combined with a little Alchemist magic! By Alchemist magic it’s exactly how you would imagine a bubble bath in a cocktail glass. Check out my instagram for more pics and video in action. My friend had the Solero cocktail (at £7.50): Passoã, Ketel One, lemon and lime juice, orange and apple juice with a touch of mango syrup all garnished with white chocolate foam. I took a sip out of hers…I was a tad jealous and wanted a Solero myself, it tasted exactly like a Solero which is one of my favourite ice creams by the way. It was a fantastic evening with attentive waitresses (I had no waiters…hmm) and I cannot wait to come back here again!

Thank you The Alchemist for the complimentary evening of drinks and sharing platter from your menu and I cannot wait to come back here again with my friends.

To see the full list of their creative cocktails and fine selection of wine, you can find this here.
The Alchemist is located on 6 Bevis Marks, London EC3A 7BA
If you want to give them a call to make a reservation: 020 7283 8800
Open from 8am Monday to Friday, and 12pm on Saturdays