The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club

Updated 25/06/15
By Koray Hussein

As you can tell by the review below, this wasn’t my first time at the Hoxton branch of The Breakfast Club. I’d visited last year in August and thoroughly enjoyed the food on offer. I even promised myself that I’d pop back soon to try out their famous pancakes but for some reason, never got around to it…

Well, until last week that is.

I’d been in Shoreditch with a couple of friends, taking some pictures for the Maybe It’s Because Instagram account (folow uz! we Hav gud pikturz!) when someone mentioned The Breakfast Club down the road. Naturally, pictures took a back seat (they were damn near thrown in the boot if I’m being honest) and we made our way towards Hoxton Square.

I’d made up my mind that I was getting the pancakes before we even entered the premises so it was just a matter of deciding between berries or bacon as the side… Which of course ended up with me ordering bacon. Because bacon.

The Breakfast Club Pancakes

Now, £9 is pretty steep for a plate of pancakes, steep enough for me to think twice when ordering (I could have a Full English Breakfast for just £2 extra) but as soon as the plate arrived in front of me I was very glad that I had stuck to my guns and bypassed the FE.

I was first a little disappointed with the thickness as I’ve always found thicker pancakes to be either too gooey in the centre or (if the mixture is ready made) too powdery. A single bite was all it took for my fears to be booted out of the door though, because they were simply perfect.

I instantly saw why everybody raves about the pancakes at The Breakfast Club as every single thing about the dish was spot on.

The pancakes? Thick, flavourful and fluffy.

The syrup? Juuuust the right amount of sweetness.

The bacon? Cooked flawlessly. Not too crispy and not too soggy.

The portion was a tad too big for me (but like I’ve said in previous reviews, I haven’t got the biggest sweet tooth in the world) but I can honestly say that I will definitely be going back to The Breakfast Club for another stack of these bad boys.


Originally Posted 06/08/14
By Koray Hussein

My God! If I had 1p for every time someone shot off about how amazing The Breakfast Club in Hoxton was I’d almost have enough to buy a packet of Space Raiders.

Could it really be that good or has my reputation of being a “breakfast food” fanatic fuelled these recommendations?

I had no idea, but I wasn’t about to turn down the opportunity to find out.

I say “breakfast food” but let’s be honest, the “breakfast food” umbrella is kind of redundant. Why am I only meant to eat bacon and eggs in the morning? And why is porridge not suitable for dinner? I’m an adult. If I want to start off my day by microwaving yesterday’s curry then I will.

Maybe it’s different for me. I’ve suffered from insomnia for over a decade now. Mornings bleed into nights which bleed into mornings which bleed into out of focus nights. I’m currently writing this review with about four hours sleep in the last three days and have to ask, if I was to eat something right now at almost 6am, is it breakfast or is it my fifth lunch?

I feel like I’ve gotten off topic…


What’s important is that I managed to get to The Breakfast Club. The doors had opened a matter of seconds before I had arrived and I was greeted by friendly staff and my pick of any table.

I chose to sit at the “lonely bastard” table, which had just about enough room for one and was situated right next to the window where people can peer in and feel sorry for you as you eat your eggs alone. I have issues.

I sat down and was immediately brought a menu and a glass of water; a very, very small gesture but something I feel every restaurant should do. I ended up going for The Half Monty over The Full Monty for two reason:

1. You’d have to corner me with a flaming axe/sledgehammer hybrid to get me to eat black pudding.

2. I wasn’t feeling the grilled potatoes.

I was kind of surprised with how long the food took to come but I’m assuming that since I got there so early, the kitchen just wasn’t ready… But who cares? I wasn’t waiting super long so I won’t hold it against them.

When the food arrived… I wasn’t actually that impressed. There was one lonely sausage and a sad mushroom (I swapped out the grilled tomato for a mushroom because mushrooms kick tomatoes asses all day, every day) staring up at me from behind the toasted multigrain bloomer; a small piece of bacon peeping out from underneath.

On the plus side, the meal comes with two fried eggs (or scrambled if you feel so inclined) and they were cooked to perfection (I can’t stand over cooked eggs and don’t even get me started on eggs arriving with a burst yolk).

After getting stuck in, I began to realise why everybody ranted and raved about the place. Sure the food may look pretty boring but maaaan, was it good. The “lonely” sausage had lovely thick chunks of seasoning inside which literally burst with flavour, the “sad” mushroom was equal parts tasty and juicy, the “small piece of bacon” turned out to be a well hidden horde and the toasted multigrain bloomer… I have no words.

I’m a staunch advocate of white bread with a fry up and think if you’re going to go with such a life shorteningly unhealthy meal then you might as well have some soft and fluffy toast with it. But this bloomin’ bloomer (haha, I’m funny) fit so perfectly with the meal that I now have a loaf in the kitchen waiting for my next home cooked “breakfast” and would go as far as saying that it tied with the sausage as my favourite part of the meal.

I would definitely recommend The Breakfast Club and will almost certainly be popping in again the next time I’m in the Hoxton area.

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