The Drift Mixology Masterclass with Sipsmith and Fever-Tree


Posted 12/11/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London

How are you spending your Friday night? I spent mine at The Drift bar the other week in Liverpool Street which is also part of the Drake and Morgan group (check out my review for The Refinery, The Happenstance and The Fable). I was invited to come down for their mixology masterclass which I was really excited and grateful to attend and I knew just the person to bring with me (a colleague and slight crazy alcoholic haha). When I turned up, I had no idea it was just going to be us two so I was feeling lucky that we were getting a private mixology masterclass! The guys hosting the session represented Sipsmith and Fever-tree and off course they would recommend their brands during the mixology session but actually; I loved that because I love to discover new brands and new tastes so I was excited to learn more about the tonic waters and the gin itself. We were also in luck that evening, my friend and I are obsessed with Gin so it was a perfect night to sample some quality tonic waters and pairing it with their Sipsmith gin range.
For me, it’s all about the taste and Fever-tree tonic water is all about the taste which is why the brand have gone to the ends of the earth to source the highest quality ingredients for their range of tonic waters.

“If 3/4 of your Gin & Tonic is the tonic, make sure you use the best” – Tim Warrillow

Lets be honest here; a lot of us don’t really know what tonic goes in our gins and the only brand I can think of is Schweppes. Also, I don’t recall ever being asked what tonic water I preferred so now I have become more aware to ask what tonic water they have as well as the gin. To know more about the Fever-Tree brand, you can find their About Us section here.

Sipsmith is small, independent and craft artisanal spirits of uncompromising quality – so they claim. We were able to sample their 6 spirits (as a mixer..and couple of shots eek) and what did we think?
London Dry Gin – it’s their classic; particularly dry gin with a zesty citrus finish. It was surprisingly smooth, aromatic and perfect for a good ol’ G&T.
Sloe Gin – Hand picked wild sloe berries; bursting with flavours and honestly…I thought it was going to be a strong one when I smelt it but it was very smooth and Christmassy.
Sipping Vodka – unfiltered vodka and distilled in copper for purity and only ever made with the very best spirit. For this reason, you won’t get that burning sensation when sipped up straight.

The mixology masterclass was a blast; I’m no where near a pro yet despite having 2 mixology classes but I seem to have a pretty good idea and what I need if I wanted to host a cocktail party! The mixology masterclass is suitable for everybody (obviously over the legal age limit) looking for something interactive and fun whilst enjoying your night out with some drinks. It was easy, no one judged my poor pouring skills 😉 and I learnt a lot about the mixers, tonics, equipment and importantly why have so much ice in a glass!! It’s actually very important and I shall leave that for you to find out 😀 Join any one of their Drake & Morgan bars & restaurants & get muddling – £20 per person for a two cocktail session, £25 per person for a three cocktail lesson & £50/£60 per person for a three cocktail masterclass followed by a set menu dinner (price dependent on menu chosen). Bookings are for a maximum of ten people. It’s Frrriiiiday, let your hair down and have a bloody good weekend 🙂