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The Fox Club

Originally Posted 10/03/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London













On Friday, I was so excited to be staying at The Fox Club London hotel in the heart of Mayfair. The hotel is situated on Clarges Street of Green Park, yes a stone throw away from The Ritz. I am a super lucky girl to stay in this beautiful hotel with one night in the executive suite called Dorset. I really wanted to make the most of my Friday night, especially not having to worry about getting the last tube home or miss the last train and grab a taxi back! After a few Birthday drinks afterwork, I thought I was going to have a quiet night in in my executive suite, but thankfully my amazing friend called me up: “May, where are you? Let’s hangout and do something!” Yes! Yes! So glad she gave me a call (she’s such a busy woman, on call saving lives!) and told her to meet me outside The Fox Club hotel. There she was waiting…and waited hahaha! At 11.30pm we wondered where we should go that is open 24 hours and what better than Heron Tower! Ok, SushiSamba was all booked up (seriously all evening and morning?) and so was Duck and Waffle; but we tried our luck and went to Heron Tower anyway. Darn it; if I’d known we were going out I would have brought my sky high heels, but it’s ok, I have black thigh high boots on…but they are flat 🙁

My first visit to Duck and Waffle enjoying my Duck and Waffle main lol. How time flies with my best friend and before we know it, it was 3am! She drove me back to The Fox Club in Green Park and she said to me “thank goodness you are staying here for the night as you always had to run off for the last train like Cinderella” haha no she didn’t quite mention the Cinderella comment.

The Fox Club London hotel is a plush, luxurious, bijou townhouse hotel with a number of rooms and suites; combo of original and contemporary features. The decor is elegantly chic which oozes everything that’s homely and British. So what’s with the Fox? Nothing too cunning but the man himself; Charles James Fox, one of the former residents in the 18th Century- a renowned statesman and political giant and civil liberty campaigner.In his later years, he lived with his courtesan lover and then wife; Mrs Armistead; continuing his passion for gambling, drinking and living life to the fullest. What can I say, den of a fox, residence of a vixen.

I was very honoured to experience a night stay at the Dorset Suite 4 (in total there are 9 rooms), I felt incredibly homey and comfortable and just didn’t want to leave my room. With high ceilings and large windows; there was absolute privacy with the room almost split into 3 sections: the main bedroom, lounge seating and the bathroom. I am such a light sleeper generally but I literally melted between the sheets with a large bed all to myself! Another favourite feature of mine was the rainfall shower with panel mirrors across the bathroom. Every little detail has been well thought through with complimentary Molton Brown bath and shower set which smells delish. One thing I have learnt since staying in hotels is that they never provide toothpaste; why is that? Anyway, I was prepared and brought my own; would have been a disaster…what would I have done? Knocked on my neighbours door for a squeeze of toothpaste?

Unfortunately I had to wake up from this fairytale of a Fox member for one night only and enjoyed my complimentary buffet breakfast down at the dining room. I kept it very simple and healthy with a selection of fresh fruits, juices and pastries. I read some reviews as to how visitors didn’t like the flight of stairs to get to their room but I quite liked that you had to climb up the 4 storey staircase to get right to the top (luckily mine was 2 storey up). I think the opposite and that a lift would ruin the ambience of the hotel. I handed over my keys, loved my stay and would definitely come back here to relive another night at The Fox Club London. Thank you for your hospitality and hopefully see you guys soon!

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Interesting detail in the room: for all you lovers out there; the room supplied a box of Arcane Gallery – fully equipped with lubricant, massage oils, fair trade condoms and vibe couple rings. Lol it did make me chuckle; who needs fair trade chocolates and coffee when there are fair trade condoms now haha. Anyway, I left that box to one side (once you open it, it’s on your tab for £25 😉 )

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Address: 46 Clarges Street, London W1J 7ER

To enquire: 020 7495 3656