The Grill On The Market

Grill On The Market

Posted 15/12/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London

Recently I visited The Grill on the Market in Farringdon right by Smithfield market and brought along two of my work buddies with me. As I did my research, they serve up premium steaks aged 28 days, fresh seafood, delightful desserts and delectable cocktails. Grill on the Market kindly invited me down to try their menu and from what I saw from the menu; I couldn’t be more excited when I saw their offerings of wagyu fillet, oysters, different cuts of their aged 28 days steaks, cocktails and more! As we arrived I was so excited to see the piranha tank, it was so unexpected as it was probably the first time I’ve ever seen live piranhas..and at such proximity; a great feature in the restaurant! We were all very excited and I already knew what I wanted.
To begin, we ordered some cocktails each and I particularly enjoyed my White Russian as I have not had this cocktail for about 2 years. My friend triggered this for me so I was delighted to be reunited with my glass. My friend ordered the Smoked Paloma and when it arrived it was presented in an oval glass with El Jimador Blanco tequila, pink grapefruit liqueur, fresh pink grapefruit juice, lime juice and a touch of sugar, smoked with oak chips. Yes, my phone and camera came out to get that awesome shot of the smoke in the glass.
Their menu looked amazing and we did struggle to narrow what we wanted. Initially we wanted to get 12 rock oysters but they ran out 🙁 I was super sad but they did manage to have 1 left! We ordered the 1 oyster and said we will fight amongst ourselves who would get it and surprisingly; my friends waved the white flag and let me have the oyster (I was bitterly disappointed that there was no fight) but I thoroughly enjoyed and savoured that rock oyster with Tabasco sauce and vinegar sauce. Off course it was very selfish of me to enjoy the rock oyster so we all enjoyed the Blackhouse food platter whilst we wait for our main. The large food platter arrived with honey glazed chicken skewers, salt and pepper calamari, BBQ ribs and baked sweet potato wedges. The platter was a bundle of each items from the starters menu so we were glad we got to sample a bit of everything.
The moment has come and we were very excited (sorry, I know I have used the word excited many times but we were very excited) to dig in to our variety of main and we all wanted to try everything so we have agreed (the boys are not big sharers but for one night only they allowed it) to share our mains.
Wagyu Fillet Steak – The daddy of all steaks. Claimed to be the most tender, succulent and tastiest meat in the world. It is reared on a beer diet and massaged from birth…lucky cow! We ordered our fillet rare as wagyu should be and as we sliced it open we saw the beautiful pink flesh which was the most tender fillet I have had to date. It was just beautiful (at £60 with a small side of tomato, mushrooms and greens) but I would have preferred with a bit more sides so we should have ordered more.
Next up, we went for their recommended steaks and since we had ordered a wagyu fillet we went for the sirloin steak 280G aged on the bone medium rare (although it was recommended medium but we like our steak medium rare). In the picture below; you can see how juicy and succulent it is and we devoured the whole steak between us. We initially wanted the T-Bone steak but they ran out : ( but the sirloin was a great choice! It didn’t stop there as we had to try their seafood menu and unfortunately they didn’t have any lobsters too (best to call beforehand so you won’t be disappointed) so we went for our second choice which was the grilled wild emperor prawns saffron aioli. It really didn’t disappoint – they didn’t call them emperor prawns without justification because they were BIIG! I could have easily ordered another portion of emperor prawns.
We ended our evening with delectable sweet treats (one of the guys doesn’t have a sweet tooth – oh well more for me) and nothing beats a warm chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was dark and rich which was what I was after whilst my friend had a cheese board with Butlers cheddar, Lancashire Blue and Crottin goat’s cheese with chutney – he’s so French! I also had a cheeky bottle of chocolate milk but it was no ordinary chocolate milk! The lil bottle was a mix of Black Cow vodka, Baileys and Licor 43 with liquid chocolate, milk and cream. A childhood favourite for grown-ups! Although we were invited down; the whole meal was not complimentary so we did dig deep in our pockets. The young lad that was assisting us all evening was fantastic; he really knew his steaks and made the perfect recommendations for us all evening. Love! My highlight was the wagyu fillet, emperor prawns and the chocolate shake! To find out more about The Grill on the Market you can visit their site here.