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Posted 25/09/14
By Esin Huseyin


There is sometimes nothing I love more than a nice hearty meal from the pub, it always seems to be a good substitute for your family’s feel-good food. Well, that’s just my opinion, anyways.

I just happened to be walking back from the Imperial War Museum and literally stumbled across this pub, which if I’m honest from the outside seemed a little dilapidated – well was I wrong.

When you walk in, the bar takes up pretty much the whole of the left side of the room, and there are an array of booths, tables, and even bar stools (old school). It seemed very classic in design, and inviting – no pretentiousness here.

On the back wall there was a huge chalk board, which had the menu displayed on it. How tempted would you be to have a whole wall which was actually a chalk board – imagine the things you could write…draw…

Anyways, we sat down – there was only about another 4 groups in there with us, which actually doubled by the time we left – and decided to pick something on the menu; naturally I went for a burger…

I ordered the Blue Cheese burger, because on days when I don’t know quite what I want, it never does me wrong. Honestly, this burger was up there with Honest Burgers – I know, what a statement, ey. A fresh bun, a handmade patty, and a thick beautiful slab of Blue Cheese. Now this patty, it was handmade, and I know this because I saw the woman from the kitchen shaping it with her hands. On top of that, they had mixed in fresh herbs, pancetta (at least I thought it was), and onions with the mince. It was incredible.

Each mouthful was like a step forward in to my journey to flavoursome nirvana, and I genuinely reached it. For the first time in a really long time, I actually couldn’t finish my burger. Not because it wasn’t great, but merely because it was just super rich – now, don’t take that as a negative thing.

The chips were just chips, they were crispy on the outside and soft & fluffy on the inside, but I feel that the burger stole the limelight. As we were leaving, I noticed quite a few people ordering burgers, and now I know why.

This little ol’ pub, which holds friendly staff and tasty food, is actually pretty well known in the area. After a little research, I found out that they’re well known for their food, and even have a hostel linked to their company – not to mention apparently we were lucky to get space because they get super busy.

Well, I’m not complaining. I’ll be back my friends, maybe next time I’ll try their famous Mac ‘N’ Cheese.



Have you guys been here before? What did you order? Let us know in the comments below.