The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town

The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town

Posted 30/04/15
By Koray Hussein

This past Tuesday I went out with a few friends to the Liverpool St area… to go to a bar in a fridge. Seriously.

You’ve no doubt heard of The Breakfast Club (the eaterie, not the 1985 movie that I will drop anything and everything to watch whenever it is on television). They serve up some of the best breakfast dishes in the city and they’re kinda of reasonable when it comes to prices too. One thing you may not know however is that the Artillery Lane branch of The Breakfast Club has quite an interesting secret hiding underneath it; a secret where the waffles and eggs are replaced with something that has a little more… kick.

This secret, is called The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town.

There’s no street accessible to The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town, with the only entrance to the bar found in the actual Breakfast Club diner/restaurant. I was told before visiting this infamous hangout that the only way to gain access to TMOSCT (I’ll be damned if I’m going to write that long-ass name every time) was to rock up to the front of The Breakfast Club queue and ask to see the mayor… However, me being me, I completely forgot and just up and asked to go down to TMOSCT. The server looked at me through narrowed eyes before telling us to take a seat and wait for a moment.

After a short wait we were ushered towards the fridge and taken inside (a surreal experience even if I was already expecting it) before being led down some stairs into the bar itself. The looks on some of the Breakfast Club patrons as we disappeared into the SMEG fridge was priceless.

Once we were actually inside TMOSCT we were taken to the only available table and handed this:

The Mayor Of Scaredy Cat Town

Even the grumpiest of bastards will have to admit that it’s pretty cool and this place is clearly all about having a laugh. It really does shine through from the first moment you walk in. The workers are pleasant and friendly and you’re welcomed with a bottle of cucumber water before you’re even handed a menu.

The prices are what you’d expect for a hidden underground bar a stones throw from Liverpool St Station with beers and ciders ranging from £4-£6 and wines, spirits and cocktails all hovering around the £9 mark. They serve food at TMOSCT too like pulled pork sliders and… other stuff (I paid the food portion of the menu little to no attention as I was there just to have a few drinks) and from what I can recall the prices didn’t seem too extortionate.

If you’re in the Liverpool St area (or better yet, finishing up a meal at The Breakfast Club) and fancy a different type of bar to relax in for a couple of hours, then I would definitely recommend TMOSCT. There really isn’t any negatives to the place, bar the slightly higher than normal prices for cocktails (I’m a beer drinker so I didn’t mind at all) and it’s always fun to see The Breakfast Club patrons staring at you, confused as you casually stroll into a fridge, whilst removing your jacket.


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