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Maybe It’s Because

Maybe It’s Because was founded with one clear goal: to spread the word about how many amazing and exciting things there are to do in this amazing city.

Although we do not want to exclude any establishment that we feel would be fun for our readers, we will be focussing mainly on the independent scene and trying our best to help lesser known restaurants, cafés and the like get noticed.


Features Explained

London Eyes – One quick look at the site and you’ll see that we truly love this city. With the London Eyes series, we’ll be looking at London through the eyes of somebody who isn’t on the Maybe team. Every month we will post roughly ten or so images from a photographer who has visited this fine city.

London Five – Every Monday Esin pops up a list of five great (and sometimes not so great) things to do with London. If you’re a fan of the internet list craze then be sure to check back every Monday or read through our archive.

The London Historian – Every month The London Historian graces us and our readers with a fascinating London-centric piece. It’s one of our very favourite parts of the site and we’re sure our readers feel the same.

London on YouTube – YouTube is the worlds number 1 source for interesting videos. Every now and then we look over to YouTube and find some fascinating (or beautiful) clips and share them with our audience.

Look, Listen, London – Each week we’ll be scouring the web for things to do over the weekend period and selecting three things we think should be checked out.

#maybeLDNer – There are countless talented photographers in London who love to share their images of the city on Instagram. Each Friday we pick five images that have been tagged with #maybeLDNer and feature them on Maybe.

Personal Blogs – This one does exactly what it says on the tin. Here we’ll be posting our own personal blogs. They can be about anything and everything and are not limited to the capital.

Photo Walks – A picture is worth a thousand words… at least we hope it is. Here we’ll be choosing an area of London and going on a photo walk (again, ‘on the tin’) and showcasing them in this feature.