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Posted 18/12/14
By Esin Huseyin

Now I know Koray has already told you the amazing things that the new Zomato app can do. But, I want to tell you what it can do for someone who sometimes has socially awkward moments.

Yeah, I’m a blogger who also works within retail and is also training to be a journalist – pretty much all to do with facing people. But you know, sometimes on the odd occasion I get really shy and I don’t really want to talk to anybody, not that this is a good thing, but on the odd days this does happen Zomato has my back.

As Koray already discussed a couple of weeks back (look down towards the end of my post) you’ll already know that the lovely guys over at Zomato give us an “edit” of their top picks under the headings of “trending this week”, “winter warmers” and “hidden gems” – these do change from week to week. Now this is perfect, I can get great recommendations without even having to ask anybody.

Add this in with the snippets of reviews from people like you and me at the bottom, and you’ve got yourself an app suited for one slightly awkward and shy girl. But it doesn’t stop there – oooohhh nooo. You can now book a table through the app, a small blue banner pops up on the bottom of the screen saying “book a table”, with a short little form to fill out. Okay, so not every restaurant is eligible for this, but honestly this completely changed my life.

I’ll let you in on a bit of a secret: It was my birthday meal coming up, it was the night before, I had a group of 10 and I had booked no where. I was preoccupied somewhere and couldn’t pick up the phone to ring around, well guess what…Zomato saved my ass and I went looking around trying to book a table in silence. Nobody was none the wiser about my foodie tomfoolery.

Combine that with the incredible free drawing on maps that Koray discussed a couple of weeks back, and you’ve got yourself absolute perfection. I’m setting myself a Zomato challenge though – when I’m having one of my shy days, I need to use this app to find somewhere great, where I then need to go and eat by myself. I’ll let you know how that goes guys…

Posted 03/12/14
By Koray Hussein

There’s a very good chance you’ve seen Zomato and their app on this site before. I spoke about it in my review of Best Mangal II and both Esin and I wrote about the Zomato team in our Pizza Union write up… And there’s a reason for that.

No, we’re not sponsored by the company. The reason we talk about Zomato quite a bit is pretty simple really: they’re one of the fastest growing and best ways of finding new places to eat in the city, and seeing how a large part of Maybe It’s Because is all about getting out there and finding new places to eat, it’s just become a natural fit.

I know a lot of you guys probably haven’t actually clicked over to their site or downloaded the app but if you like finding new places to eat at all then I highly recommend that you do.

Not only are there countless places to discover but the food blogging community seems to have taken the site in with open arms. If they’re a food blogger and they’re in London, chances are you’ll find them over on Zomato.

But this post isn’t about the actual website, or the company as a whole. It’s about their fantastic new app. It does exactly what you would expect any food app to do: search, filter, reviews and ratings, but that’s not why we love it. It’s the extras which had us ooing and ahhing when we first saw them.

Zomato’s new Circle feature is genuinely brilliant and had me wondering why the hell no one had thought of it before. All you need to do is navigate to the menu in the top right of the Nearby screen and you’re able to circle any part of London to see what kind of placea there are to eat.

Zomato App

Heading to Covent Garden tomorrow? Just scroll on over to Covent Garden on the map and circle the place. It doesn’t just stop there ether, as you then have the chance to use filters to further narrow down exactly the kind of places you want to see. Want Wifi? You can check that. Only eat halal meat? You can check that too. You can even check if the place is open right now but for some odd reason there doesn’t seem to be a way of selecting another time (or maybe I just can’t find it) if you’re planning a visit later on in the day/week.

The app also has collections on the homepage which the Zomato staff regularly update with new places and it even offers the chance to call up the restaurant you are looking at directly through the app.

I’m not lying when I say that I check the Zomato app more than three or four times a day. Whether I’m looking for a place to grab a coffee or a meal, it’s almost always the first app I open. It’s a really great place for food enthusiasts to congregate and share their new discoveries, and with Cashless Payments coming soon it’s only going to get better.

If you have an Android phone then click here to give it a go, if you’re an iPhone kind of guy/gal then just click here and if you’re a Blackberry user then… ummm… I hope you have a Yellow Pages lying about.