Posted 27/01/15
By Koray Hussein

There’s never going to be a shortage of places to sit down, whip out your laptop and get to work in a city like London. This city is far too busy and creative to have its on the go workers confined to the walls of their office/workspace/hole in the wall. No, there’s plethora of places to bog down and get some work done in this fair city. So when I sent out a tweet last week, asking where the best places to get some work done are, I was certain that I was going to get some interesting suggestions… and I was right.

Ben’s Canteen was one of the suggestions and whilst I’ve been meaning to get down there to try out one of their famous burgers, I was in the mood for a quieter, more coffee orientated spot. The other suggestions were (although good) not exactly what I was looking for at that moment in time.

I opened up my Google Chrome and started searching for the perfect place to get some work done and quickly saw that one place just kept on popping up… the Shoreditch based, Timberyard. I’d heard of the freelancer friendly coffee spot before and like Ben’s Canteen, been meaning to visit but had, for some inexplicable reason, completely forgotten about the place until I was fortunately reminded.

I grabbed my bag, put on my coffee drinking glasses (all specs wearers have those right?) and made my way down to Old Street.

I arrived a little past 10am and was down right surprised at just how busy it was. I knew this place was well known but I had figured it would have started to fill up around midday (which is when it actually started to empty out. Twat = Me)… I was wrong.

I ordered a latte and, after seeing that the upstairs was completely full,  was assured that there was seating downstairs. What they forgot to tell me upstairs that there was seating… but just barely.

All of the sofas and larger tables in the corners (and back) were also taken and the meeting area was roped off. I took a seat at the smaller table just by the stairs and waited as I didn’t really feel like pulling out my laptop and working with my screen in full view of everybody who walks down the stairs.

Luckily for me it didn’t take long (maybe… five minutes) for one of the wing backed chairs to open up and coincided with my coffee (and complimentary bottle of water) being brought down to me.

I took my seat and after taking my first sip of coffee (more on that in a second) got to work.

Within moments of booting up my laptop it became very clear why Timberyard is such a popular spot. Everybody seems to keep to themselves, the chairs are extremely comfortable (I had to stop myself from kicking off my shoes and starting up Netflix on the laptop) and the music is just loud enough to appreciate without being overwhelming like some other coffee shops.

The coffee itself was good… maybe leaning towards the weak side but still enjoyable and of a decent size, which in a world where coffee cups are getting smaller and smaller, is always a plus.

The large bottle of water was a welcome surprise and made it clear that these guys don’t expect you to piss off the second you finish your coffee; another clear sign that this place is the place to be if you just want to get on with your work.

All in all I can’t really fault Timberyard. Yes, the coffee could have done with being a little stronger but that’s just me looking for some sort of negative because no review should ever be purely positive.

The fact that this place can stay so busy when it is such a short walk from the hipster mecca that is look mum no hands! is a testament as to just how nice and comfy it is. I’ll 100% be coming back the next time I need to get some work done and feel like a cup of coffee that I didn’t make myself.