Weekly Roundup: 21/7 – 25/7

Weekly Roundup

Posted 25/07/14
By Koray Hussein

I was going to start this week’s Weekly Roundup with my own version of Rebecca Black’s Friday and twist the lyrics to fit Maybe It’s Because… But seeing as I’d rather punch my own Mother than promote than song and I can’t be bothered to actually look up the lyrics I’m just going to think of something else to say before diving into the roundup…

… Sod it. Here’s our Weekly Roundup!

Monday 21/7

As always we here at Maybe kicked off our week with our Music For The Week feature. This week we (well Esin) thought you we’d (she’d) recommend Jungle’s first album. I gave it a listen and I have to say, it’s a properly good album.



Also on Monday I popped into one of London’s newest coffee shops Soho Bikes which is based in… umm, Soho, and I was more than pleasantly surprised. Great coffee couple with friendly staff is all it takes for a great coffee shop…

Well those two things… and bikes.



Tuesday 22/7

Esin followed up her last post on Shoreditch’s Blues Kitchen with a review of Hackney City Farm. If you’re interested in popping down to a farm not too far from home in this beautiful weather then check out the review.

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Wednesday 23/7

If you’re a vegan you may as well skip straight ahead to Thursday because Wednesday’s review was all about Umut 2000 and their delicious lamb kebabs. A must if you’re in the area.


Thursday 24/7

look listen london

Esin’s wildly popular Look, Listen, London is back this week and features interesting things to do in Earls Court and The Shard as well as… a beach at the Roundhouse?!


We here at Maybe have been reviewing burger joints quite regularly lately, featuring posts on Honest Burgers, Five Guys and BRGR.CO but this week we popped into Shake Shack. Give us a click if you want to know what we thought.


Friday 25/7


Our last post for the week was, as always, our #maybeLDNer Instagram competition. If you’re a fan of photography or if you just like to look at pretty pictures, we suggest you give it a gander.

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Thank you all again. Have a great weekend!