Weekly Roundup: 23/6 – 27/6

Weekly Roundup

Posted 27/06/14
By Koray Hussein

Alright guys and girls, it’s Friday, which means it’s Weekly Roundup time!


Monday 23/6


We kicked off the week  with our Music For The Week series. Like last week we thought long and hard about what we could recommend and we decided on the excellent EP Display by Phoria. If you haven’t checked it out, have a read and a listen before letting us know what you thought!



IMG_0873Our review of The Orange Buffalo followed soon after and we pretty much lavished the place with praise (bar one item on the menu). If you’re a fan of chicken wings and/or curly fries then definitely check this one out.


Tuesday 24/6


One of the finest bakeries in all of London was our sole post on Tuesday but hopefully you didn’t miss it. In our Rinkoff’s Bakery review we dived head first into all manner of pastries and came out on the other side very happy.


Wednesday 25/6


The 25th saw our very first update to an existing article. From time to time one of us (This time Esin) will be revisiting places that have previously been reviewed by the other (Which was Koray) and giving their opinions so that we can bring you two views of the same place. This time it was Postman’s Park. Give the article a read and see if our opinions differed.

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Thursday 26/6

look listen london

Thursday saw the return of our tremendously popular Look, Listen, London series where Esin looked through all the upcoming events and managed to pluck out three of the most interesting for you to consider.


Friday 27/6


Earlier today we picked our five favourite images tagged with our hashtag #maybeLDNer on Instagram and featured them here on Maybe It’s Because. It’s not a long read but there are some fantastic images in there and even more tagged on Instagram!