Weekly Roundup: 25/8 – 29/8

Weekly Roundup

Posted 22/08/14
By Koray Hussein

We hope you guys have had a great week and are looking forward to having a fun weekend.

This week is a week of firsts and to find out what the hell I’m referring to… read on…

Monday 25/8


London Five

This week saw the first instalment of a brand new weekly feature here at Maybe It’s Because. This weeks London Five gathered some fascinating tales from five of London’s haunted pubs. If you’re a fan of the supernatural or love the idea of seeing a drunk ghost, give it a read.

Monday was also the day that we took a look at one of London’s favourite burger joints in MEATLiquor. With a menu that can clog your arteries with a papercut, it’s the perfect place for a cheat day.


Tuesday 26/8

inSpiral Lounge

This week didn’t only see the introduction of a new weekly feature… It also saw the introduction of our new weekly guest writer Maria Derevianko, who managed call me a bastard within her very first paragraph of her great review of Camden’s inSpiral Lounge… Thanks for that!



British Music Experience

If however you enjoy reading an angry rant then you should certainly check out Esin’s look back at the O2’s British Music Experience… It’s safe to say she didn’t have a great time.


Wednesday 27/8


Every once in while we like to take a break from writing about London and whip up a personal blog to spice things up. The 27th brought a great piece by Esin about visiting Thailand… Oh and getting lost in a jungle.


Thursday 28/8

The Red Fort

You may have noticed we have slightly too many burger reviews on the site (we’re trying to fix that!) but when National Burger Day rolled around, you’d have to excuse us, because of course we were going to go to… a curry house.



look listen london

Look, Listen, London made it’s triumphant return this week with a great piece looking at what you can do in and around London this weekend. If you’re looking to head out, give it a read.


Friday 29/8


This week’s #maybeLDNer was probably my favourite #maybeLDNer we’v e done since starting the weekly feature. We have some stunning images this week that you should definitely check out.

That’s all from us this week. Thank you so much for dropping by. Please, if you haven’t already, drop by our Facebook Twitter and give us a like & a follow. It helps the site out tremendously and we really appreciate it.

Thank you all again. Have a great weekend!