Whaam Banh Mi


Posted 22/07/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London













Not too long ago, I finally made my way to Great Windmill Street to sample Whaam Banh Mi’s menu! Wait wait, what did I say? Yes, a newly opened takeaway-only vietnamese baguettes in fusion with Indochinese flavours. You cannot miss them; they are the bright bright yellow building on Great Windmill street; for starters the name “Whaam Banh Mi” will be foreign to everybody but it for sure gives all the passer by a second look out of curiosity. I popped in to Whaam Banh Mi with my friend April so she ordered the bbq slow cooked pulled pork banh mi aka vietnamese baguettes, whereas I ordered the fish cake banh mi. Their station is very simple; made on the spot and freshly made to order. We couldn’t resist to try their summer rolls too so here is what we thought on the baguettes and summer rolls:

Summer roll combo: three prawn Summer Rolls with Prawns, chopped mint, carrots, cucumber and rice vermicelli noodles all wrapped up in a rice pancake served fresh with sweet chilli and fish sauce. It was a large roll so be prepared and make sure you are hungry! It’s incredibly healthy yet tasty, especially when dipped in the homemade sauce. It can get rather messy so make sure you are tissue ready. £5

April ordered the BBQ shredded pork: 7 hour pork shoulder, slowly cooked in smoked spices and oyster sauce. I remember saying “mmmmm so delicious”, you cannot fault bbq shredded pork and the spices were well balanced and packed with flavours! This was the most ordered baguette by their customers and I can see why. April completely demolished the baguette in style aka mess and sauce stains on her hands, phone, dress! £6

I wanted to try something really different so I went for Thai Fishcakes Banh Mi: King prawn and Mekong fish combined with green beans and house Thai spices. The filling isn’t spicy at all which is perfect considering I don’t take well to spicy (although I did pick out the chillies). The portion is very filling and well worth the value. £6.50

Drinks: I did want the vietnamese iced coffee but something caught our eye in the fridge; Teapigs matcha green tea apple fusion drink! Whaaat? Anything that’s matcha related I just insist to try it. It was a very interesting taste where you get the strong apple juice and then get the matcha after taste. Who knew Teapigs had a matcha range and I guess it’s not available everywhere! I am glad we spotted that in the fridge.

Despite there are no seating and that it is takeaway only; TECHNICALLY there is a ledge that you can sit on and take a quick bite and what not! However, due to it being takeaway only; we strolled to the nearest park (less than 5 minutes away) called Golden Square; so in case you wondered where to settle down for lunch/post work munchies; that’s that sorted! I love trying new places and seeing newly independent foodies pop up like Whaam Banh Mi really offers the dynamic that Soho already offers, the social food hub for all hungry Londoners.

Located: 40 Great Windmill Street, W1D 7LY
Contact: 0203 632 0303
Email: info@whaambanhmi.com