Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger

Posted 14/07/16
By Maggie Majstrova

Yeah! Burger, a hot dog and burger pop up currently operating out of Strongroom in Shoreditch and Star of Kings in King’s Cross, was (to be perfectly honest) something I stumbled upon when looking for somewhere for dinner after a night of culture at King’s Place (being intellectual sure does work up an appetite!).

What started off as a ‘quick look at the menu’ quickly became a serious choice amongst some heavy hitting contenders. Although very tempted by the fairly new ‘Scotch ness Monster’ a beef patty with cheese, smoked yeah! Sauce, pickled red onion and a scotch egg bun (yum! Right?) I eventually decided on the Philly hot dog (£8) and a side of French Fries (£3).

Yeah! Burger

The Philly comes in either beef frankfurter or veggie sausage variety (my choice was beef) with the perfect amount of caramelised onions, cheddar, ketchup and mustard. The whole thing is held within a brioche hot dog bun (again, you say – and I agree..), which for me meant ultimately having to opt for cutlery to be able to manage it.

But, regardless of my feelings on the brioche vessel, the Philly is a classic hot dog done just right. Everything balances together just so, leaving you wondering how you’ve not heard of Yeah! Burger before.

I know what you’re thinking – it’s called Yeah! BURGER not hot dog. Fear not, my companions were here to save the day, opting for The Arnie (£12.50) – a beef patty with plum smoked brisket, bacon, cheddar, caramelised onion, habanero bbq sauce, chipotle cream – and The Chapado (£10.50) – Brazilian spiced beef patty, bacon, rum glazed pineapple ring, cheddar, habanero BBQ sauce and rocket – with sides of cheesy fries and habanero fries (£3.50 each).

The pineapple ring was a stroke of genius – the sweetness cuts through the savoury but spicy burger in a way that makes you come back for another mouthful way before you’ve finished the first. And the Arnie, well, that’s just burger overload, but in a way that means you’re absolutely satisfied by the time you finish it, already wondering when you’ll return for your next dose.