Posted 01/09/15
By May Yin Lee of Red Velvet London









Ziferblat is London’s first pay by the minute cafe where everything you use is free. This unique cafe is based on a Russian chain where “everything is free, except the time you spend there”. You can do pretty much however you like, as if it’s your extension of your living room located in Shoreditch, London. You must be curious what Ziferblat means; I was too and so I googled it! Ziferblat basically means clock face in Russian and German.

“Our doors are open to everyone. Each Ziferblat guest becomes a micro-tenant of the space, responsible for it and able to influence our culture.
You will be welcomed by the Ziferblat hosts and able to work with them to help create, supply and develop this concept.
Everything is free inside except the time you spend there. We charge 6 pence per minute and that’s all. By paying for your time you’ll be making a donation towards growing this idea.”

Honestly, I have never heard of Ziferblat and once I read into the concept I was so damn excited to check this out! Zomato arranged a #ZomatoMeetup with 8 other foodie bloggers (some of which I already follow on Instagram) and we all had to make/bake something for our little get together! It was a tough decision and I had a funny feeling that many will be baking their way to victory so I decided to mix things up and make a savoury dish: Vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad with chicken, cucumbers, peppers and mangos. I use to have slight anxieties meeting new people but I had my wing girl Ellie from The Young Domestic Goddess there along with our favourite hostess with the most-ess Alexandra from Zomato (cool site/app to discover great places to eat around you across 22 countries) and super rainbow cake baker Sheepa! It was very cosy with plenty of games to choose from and the kitchen is at our disposal for unlimited tea and coffee making. You are basically paying £3/hour and I know how difficult it is to meet up with your friends that’s an alternative to paying £20 per head at a dinner table with a maximum seating time of 2 hours. At Ziferblat; a relaxing environment meant you can bring your own food and drinks and use the space to socialise at your disposal. What a fab concept and I cannot wait to arrange a meetup with my fellow friends and blogger mates.

Check out Ziferblat for more details and locations; the one I went to was in Old Street.